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Army Requests

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Kits: 1. Hometown: Winder. Heard about us: . Duties: Engineering. Current Pads: green. sewn seam. smooth texture. Comments: Old and worn out. stink even after being washed. SGT, US Army Kits: 150. Hometown: Georgia. Heard about us: internet. Duties: Engineering. Current Pads: army issued, green/grey, sewn seam, smooth texture. Comments: in…


Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Kits: 3. Hometown: WASHINGTON, D.C.. Heard about us: INTERNET. Duties: EOD TECH. Current Pads: STANDARD ARMY ISSUE/ GREEN-GREY/ FUZZY POLYESTER/ 2 MEDIUM SIZE KEVLARS & 1 LARGE. Comments: THE EOD TECHS OF TEAM x IN xxxTH EOD COMPANY GREATLY APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT.. SGT, US Army Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Soldier’s reply

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Dr. Meaders, thank you very much for such a quick reply to my request. I know that these new pads will be quite the blessing to me and my team. The issues with the current pads vary greatly from user to user but the one common issue that we all have…


Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Kits: 5. Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana. Heard about us: Friend, word of mouth. Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: Unit Pad, Crown, Size 6, W911QY-07-F-0051, NSN8470-01-546-9415, 9U425, LOT 0577-2 The pads are Loam Green in color, Glued, and have a Felt like texture. Comments: The current pads usually are ok however the seems come…

Army Request

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Kits: 16. Hometown: Mount Wolf, PA. Heard about us: Internet. Duties: Security Force Advise and Assist Team. Current Pads: Pad, Helmet, Advanced Combat, Gray, sewn seam. Comments: Some are too bulky and hard for some of the soldiers.. LTC, US Army Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Latest news from the front line:

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn These are some of the latest emails from troops in Afghanistan. Combat effectiveness, performance and safety are all being degraded by the poorly engineered/produced helmet pads now being issued by the military. The cost would be minimal to issue every single warrior in Afghanistan with the more wearable, comfortable, protective helmet…


Mark Meaders

Our old Frontpage powered website finally gave up late last week and we are now about halfway through the upgrade to a new engine.  Please forgive the broken links and missing graphics.  The most critical items: requesting upgrade kits, allowing contributions, access to Doc Bob’s blog, and providing a way for folks to see what troops are requesting are working.  If you find a problem with any of this please send an email to ophelm at with the specific issue and provide the broken link URL.

thanks, m2

2014 Starfish

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Making a difference, one warrior at a time: The Starfish Story A man was walking towards the beach and saw a young boy bend over, pick something up and toss it gently into the ocean. Bemused, the man watched the boy do the same thing over and over. He walked over…