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Our Warriors Need Your Help


Please pause for a moment every day to honor those who have done so much for all of us
With your help, we've sent
74,501 helmet pad upgrade kits to our Warriors risking their lives for YOU 'outside the wire' facing the enemy


Troops are requesting helmet pad upgrade kits daily...the war is NOT over!

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What Can I Do?

1.  Send a donation.

2.  Organize a fund raiser through your work, church, synagogue, school, lodge, meeting house, professional/social/fraternal organization, or other group.  You can find a number of items below to download, print and handout.  We have found it useful to have sample helmets on-hand for people to try.  I carry two helmets with me: one upgraded and one standard.  You can buy a PASGT from ebay for less than $50 if you are somewhat patient.  Also, don't buy a replica; they are NOT the same weight or feel.

  •     Other events that have been done or suggested are: 5K Fun Runs or Walks, Motorcycle Rallies, poker run, golf cart races (strange, but true), golf tournaments, bake sales, car washes, Karaoke nights and music fests.
  •     This one is cool:  We have collected a donation of 200 postage stamps to send invitations out for our NON-EVENT. If you know business owners, friends or family that you think may want to attend this NON EVENT please send me their name and address. I will be mailing out invitations in the New Smyrna Beach and Daytona area next week, but will gladly mail an invitation to anyone you think may be interested in NOT attending.  Ticket price to NOT attend the non-event will be $25. We will NOT have speakers, we will NOT have military personnel in attendance, we will NOT have entertainment, we will NOT even have food. The benefit of NOT attending this event is the heart warming feeling from knowing that your ticket price will help furnish free of charge a helmet upgrade kit to military personnel in Iraq or Afghanistan who have requested one.  Here is an example from two high school students
  •     Put our information on your web site, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or MySpace pages.
  •     Let us know when and where you are having an event.  We may be able to attend or at least provide some pointers.

3.  Write your elected officials - it may not have an immediate impact, but eventually they will listen.  A sample letter is available here  or sign the on-line petition built by a volunteer.  Click here to get your congress critters' address.

4.  Write to the senior leaders of the military

Here is an example of hands joining together in Tennessee [link]


Powerpoint presentation (in PDF here) to show to your favorite group. 

A second one (in PDF here) contains a number photos of OpHelmet volunteers, events, and troops.

Want a printable pamphlets to pass out to friends and associates? 

  1. Handout - half sheet double sided (print short side flip) in Word format or in PDF format.
  2. Operation Helmet Poster for 8.5 x 11 Letter (word format) and in PDF format.  "We Support Operation Helmet" in Word format and in PDF format.
  3. Handouts - Business Card-sized in Word and in PDF format.

More handouts can be found in the Media Room

Graphic logos can be found here



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