Fact Sheet

What Can I Do?

1.  Send a donation.

2.  Organize a fund raiser through your work, church, synagogue, school, lodge, meeting house, professional/social/fraternal organization, or other group.  You can find a number of items below to download, print and handout.  We have found it useful to have sample helmets on-hand for people to try.  I carry two helmets with me: one upgraded and one standard.  You can buy a PASGT from ebay for less than $50 if you are somewhat patient.  Also, don't buy a replica; they are NOT the same weight or feel.

3.  Write your elected officials - it may not have an immediate impact, but eventually they will listen.  A sample letter is available here  or sign the on-line petition built by a volunteer.  Click here to get your congress critters' address.

4.  Write to the senior leaders of the military http://www.defenselink.mil/faq/pis/dod_addresses.html

Here is an example of hands joining together in Tennessee [link]


Powerpoint presentation (in PDF here) to show to your favorite group. 

A second one (in PDF here) contains a number photos of OpHelmet volunteers, events, and troops.

Want a printable pamphlets to pass out to friends and associates? 

  1. Handout - half sheet double sided (print short side flip) in Word format or in PDF format.
  2. Operation Helmet Poster for 8.5 x 11 Letter (word format) and in PDF format.  "We Support Operation Helmet" in Word format and in PDF format.
  3. Handouts - Business Card-sized in Word and in PDF format.

More handouts can be found in the Media Room

Graphic logos can be found here