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I get a headache every time I wear my helmet

I get a headache every time I wear my helmetKits: 45. Hometown: Manassas, VA. Heard about us: Battle Buddy. Duties: Infantry. Current pads: Grey Advanced Helmet COmbat Pad, Glued. Issued from IIF. Comments: Anytime significant time wearing the helmet (every time I wear a helmet), results in headaches. The same complaints from all of my…

I want better comfort and security for my head

Kits: 1. Heard about us: battle buddy. Duties: SWO. Current pads: Gray CIF pads. Comments: Current pads are very uncomfortable and pull out hair whenever I take it off. A1C, US Air Force Kits: 1. Heard about us: Friend. Duties: Airborne Weather Forecaster to the CG. Current pads: Basic Sage CIF issued. Comments: Going to…

Way too hard on our heads

USMC Infantry

Way too hard on our headsKits: 5. Hometown: Crystal City. Heard about us: Fellow Operators. Duties: Special Operations. Current Pads: stock junk ones. Comments: They are way too hard on our heads. SSgt, USMC

Thanks for all you do

Thanks for all you doKits: 70. Hometown: Daleville, AL. Heard about us: Helmet forum online. Duties: [training] advisory group. Current Pads: Standard issue. Comments: We have 10 folks with the CVC helmets … but we have … 10 folks with the SOF high cut helmets. These are on top of the 70 ACH’s. Thank you for all you…

the pads are hard

the pads are hardKits: 16. Heard about us: Squad Leader. Duties: Infantry/Security Forces. Current Pads: I believe we currently have the SkyDex pads. They have PAD, HELMET, ADVANCED COMBAT SIZE written on the back of them. They are grey cloth and are glued. Comments: The main issue that I have are in line with the…

any wear over 20 minutes results in pain

any wear over 20 minutes results in painKits: 1. Hometown: Trinity, FL. Heard about us: Internet search. Duties: Force Protection. Current Pads: Team Wendy I believe, Very stiff. Comments: The current pads are not breaking in and even with adjustments any wear over 20 minutes results in pain.. LT, USN