2007 Marine Requests

14 May 2007 – I wanted to thank you very much for sending me the two Kevlar inserts. When my grandpa had told me that he had talked to you and that you had designed them yourself we got into a long conversation about how I hated the old equipment that the Marines for compared to all the other branched of service. I mean I have gone a long time without those inserts that you sent me and my neck used to be sore and stiff well after I got the chance to take off my Kevlar. I just really want to thank you since I put those inserts in I can wear my Kevlar forever it seams like without it irritating the hell out of my head and neck. I gave my good friend Cpl S, the other one that you sent and he agrees with me and he also sends his thanks.   Cpl T, USMC, Fallujah Iraq

19 Mar 07 – From my family and my nephew, THANK YOU so much. When I got your email saying the helmet liner will be sent tomorrow it just made me cry. While the family is split on the war, we are all supportive of my nephew and our troops. I am glad I was able to do this for him. Dusten is a radio operator for his team. I have asked him to let me know if there are any members of his team who do not have the new liners. I want to make sure they all have them. Normally I am not one to ask for help. This is the time for me to ask. Thank you again. Tina R.

9 Mar 07 – I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the work you have done on behalf of the troops.  My son-in-law is still in Iraq with the marines in Al Anbar province and has expressed several times what a lifesaver the helmet inserts have been to him and the other guys. They have been in some fierce firefights and he had an RPG fly 2 feet above his head and land fairly close to him.  The insert was instrumental in protecting him from a head injury.  So, a big thank you!  Carol

2 Mar 07 – This is the best Pad system ever. I used to have a problem with my helmet falling down over my eyes but not any longer with this system it stays firmly in place and since it more comfortable it will stay on my head longer. Semper Fi Doc. Thanks A million. LCpl SY.

26 Feb 07 – Thanks Bob, we got augmented with some Marines from the Battalion here in Fallujah, and they showed up with these new helmet pads that the Corps is issuing out, and they are absolutely the most painful, uncomfortable helmet pads on earth. I’d rather have the old liner system than those hard one’s they’re issuing to our Marines. We appreciate what you’re doing. Thank you.  JT, USMC

10 Feb 07 – I just received a phone call from my son.  They have been out on an extended training mission on Camp Pendleton, so he just got a chance to pickup and distribute the helmet pads this past week.  He handed them out to all the Scout Sniper platoon, about 5 of them went to his buddies in the company. The Scout Sniper sergeant was so thrilled, that he took 5 of them and handed them out to some of the other Sergeants, including the new Battalion Commander.  Every one of the guys wanted me to pass along a big “Thanks”.   They were ecstatic! The Marines are now issuing the guys their version of new helmet pads, but they are not near as comfortable or secure as the ones from Operation Helmet.  They put the Marine-issued ones in their helmets, and then tried the ones you sent from Operation Helmet and said there was no comparison. The whole battalion will be going on a month long training mission before they deploy.  Proud Marine Mom…

9 Feb 07 – I received the shipment today, my platoon is very excited to have these.  I cannot thank you enough for what you do, this was one of the best gifts my Marines could get before some of them go for the first time.  Here is to fair winds and following seas, Sir.  and Semper Fidelis, Lcpl Matt

6 Feb 07 – I received [the] pads. They are a lot better than the ones that I have seen come through the supply system. The extra pads I has distributed to other Marines within my Company that are leaving soon. I will have the guys complete the survey once we get some wear time in country. I truly appreciate the support that you and your group have provided to not only me and my Marines but all the US Service personnel.  SSgt M

4 Feb 07 – I saw your link on the Glenn Beck website. I have an 18 year old next door neighbor who is like a son to me at Camp Pendleton. If he gets deployed next year, I’ll make another contribution in his name. Keep up the fantastic work! With people like you and our military personnel wherever they may be, I am proud to call myself an American! Kevin, Stockton CA

2 Feb 07 – A Marine in my unit recently received one of your kits. He couldn’t say enough good things about it. The pads in my helmet are ridiculously hard and the helmet doesn’t even fit on my head properly. This causes extreme discomfort and makes it hard to focus on the task at hand. I am requesting a couple additional kits for junior Marines who are having the same problem as me. This will greatly improve our efficiency. Thank you for your support. Cpl. J.

2/4/07: my upgrade kit arrived today and i installed it on my kevlar and i have got to say i never knew the kevlar could feel that good and snug on my head. thank you 

2/11/07: I just wanted to let you know that the xxx Batallion, xxx Marine division returned home safely from Iraq last week and I am certain Operation Helmet played a key role in their safe return.  Thankfully my Marine returned home safely and I hope your grandson is also safe. Thank you for your care and concern which helped to protect these Marines who fought the enemy so bravely.

2/21/07:I serve as a Squad leader of a Combat Engineer squad attached to XXX BN  XXX  Marines. Upon deploying with this unit on MEU my squad and myself were  issued the new Marine helmet with pads. Right away everyone wanted the old  net suspension back. The new pads are incredibly hard and uncomfortable.  Also the pads don’t properly fit so helmets are left sitting high on your  head as you wear it. A Marine I met the other day told me about the pads you had sent him and his squad. I am requesting these for my whole squad.

1/28/07: Thank you very much for the kits. They Have made a huge difference and are much more comfortable. All my men would like to thank you and tell you they are glad you do what you do. sorry it took me so long to get back to you. god bless.

1/30/07: thank you these helmet kits are awesome. They are really comfortable and the best thing since sliced bread.

1/22/07 Bob, I have some news that I would like for you hear.  A few weeks ago you sent my son Brandon 50 helmet upgrades.  I have thanked you several times for that.  Today comes the biggest thanks of all.  Last night Brandon was hit by a IED.  He received shrapnel to the head.  A piece about the size of a dime got him behind the right eye. I am not sure of all the details yet, however I know that he will have a full recovery and I am certain that the injury was greatly diminished as a result of your helmet liner. There was no other head trauma,  and I have you to thank for that. Thank you so much for all you have done for our troops,  and my son. (Marine family)