2008 Army Requests

31 Dec 08:  Doc,these pads are the best……this was the best gift the guys have received so far! We still need some more pads if you can send them…..we have someone with a large head and the size 6 pads didn’t fit but if you could get size 4 that would be awesome. total number of pads still needed are about 45. 1st and 2nd Platoon guys are really whining about not getting any….thanks for all you are doing!!!!

21 Dec 08: I can tell you from first hand experience, the pads you guys send us are so much better than the regular pads.  Even though they are now giving pads out with the helmets, the pads are literally like rocks.  I know our contracts for equipment are given out to the lowest bidder the majority of the time, and this is where money should not be skimped. 

15 Dec 08: I’m in a security element for a XXXX unit deploying to southern Afghanistan in January, we were issued the old LWH kevlars without pads or any type of head support.  I am trying to get them for my squad in order to give us that extra comfort and protection that our older model kevlars do not offer…  I appreciate what you are doing for us, and my hats off to you…

13 Dec 08: Sir, Our ten hour patrol today helped refresh my memory on why my team is asking for replacement pads. The hard pads press relentlessly on your head, particular the forehead area, creating pain ranging from annoying discomfort, to more severe headaches in different individuals. The major complaint we have with the pads is how fragile the fabric is holding the stiff foam blocks. When you attempt to pull the pads out to clean or reposition them, they tear very easily requiring you to get new replacement pads that are need to be broken in again. Having worn the old Kevlar for many years prior to the ACH, I readily admit that the new ACH system is light years beyond what we had in the 90s. I couldn’t imagine wearing a Kevlar all day, everyday here in Iraq.

15 Nov 08: I am a Cavalry Scout, conducting Reconnaissance and Dismounted Urban Operations.  I am currently in Iraq, and am scheduled to return back to the states in late 2009.  My platoon was issued the older pads that collapse after wearing them for about a month.

6 Nov 08:  Doc, Have been out of the loop for the past “couple” days on mission, a very long mission.  Got back and received the helmet pads.  Passed them all out and had to save one for myself.  They have all been used and there is only one word to describe them:  AWESOME!  I have asked everyone about the pads and they are all in love with them.  I am a .50 cal gunner in the turret and spend ALOT of time standing there all geared up watching and waiting.  Normally I have to duck into the vehicle every once in a while to wipe sweat and take the ACH off just to let me head get a break.  That is NOT necessary any more.  I can keep my ACH on without a problem.  I can also tell you that the pads also keep you warm as well as cool.  Here in Mosul it gets cold and I wear nothing under my ACH now. Again thank you so much for your support!!!  Be safe and take care!!!