2009 Marine Requests


26 July, 2009: The Marines have finally listened to the words of wisdom from warriors!  The latest Request for Information from vendors includes the mandate that new pads being sought for both current and future helmets  must “(3) Provide increased human comfort compared to the current fielded systems and allow for user customization/adjustment without altering the level of protection.” Just a coincidence, I’m sure, but that’s what we’ve been providing for the past 5+ years. Go figure.

30 Nov 2009 – I am requesting 10 kits to outfit fellow docs and marines, however, if you would like to send more, I will make sure they get to needed personnel. I just returned from Iraq 3 months ago and we are headed out in 3 months, so my gear is worn but these kits would have made long patrols more bearable. Thank You.  HM3, Navy FMF.

12 Oct 09: The current GI pads are very hard and cause pain. I was issued the new pad kit and spent a lot of time and energy trying to get them to fit with some level of comfort. Even after only placing 4 pads in the helmet it fits too tight. I tried on the next helmet size but the shell is too large and takes away from my vision. The old strap system was more comfortable. I especially do not like the pads when I have the added weight of NVGs on my helmet.  LCPL, USMC

20 Sep 2009 – pads slip, too thick as it makes you need a bigger size and then that creates an improper fit as well so you get headaches or it slips in front of your face in the prone position.  Sgt, USMC

18 Sep 2009 – [your] pads are way better than the factory mich pads, There are about 200 people in my unit, about half of which will be going outside the wire, i didn’t want to ask for that much though as I don’t know if you have received orders from anyone else from [opsec] and if so for how many …if you have the donations, 100 kits would be great (and if you don’t see other orders from my unit) if not, i just request 4 kits for the personnel in my [opsec] division. thank you again for your great support. Capt, USMC

17 Sep 2009 – Hello my name is SSgt xxxx and my unit is ramping up to deploy to Afghanistan I would like to buy one of your kits for myself and if my marines like it, I would then request some for them is there any way to purchase this kit

16 Sep 2009 – I originally had received an Oregon Aero kit back in 2006 while I was in Fallujah and let me tell you that it saved my head on the 2 occasions that my vehicle was hit by an IED. They are a god send and I know that many lives have been saved by the kits that are being supplied to the Marines and the FMF Corpsman.  I would like to thank Capt. Bob Meaders(Ret.) for what he has done and also my wife for the work that she did in the past to outfit my PSD unit and what she is doing now to outfit the unit I am currently with. Thanks for all you do.  Lt, USMC

1 Sep 2009 – I am sending the pads for 2 friends of mine (E-3’s) back at my old unit, that are going to afganistan in a couple months, i was recently talking to them and they had asked if i knew of the place that had the helmet pads and i told them id look into it.  Sgt, USMC

28 Aug 2009 -Infantry – Currently deployed in Iraq – MRAP & foot patrols – need kits to BEST protect our men & provide maximum comfort for the rest of the platoon. My squad loves the upgraded pads — no more headaches and sore spots on long patrols! Thanks again, LCpl, USMC

28 Aug 2009 – Dear Dr. Meaders, I recently requested upgrade kits on behalf of my son’s squad of 12. They received them within 10 days and are THRILLED with the difference it has made! Now, on behalf of the rest of the Kilo Co, 2nd Plt, I am respectfully requesting that kits be sent to the remaining two squads and the leaders.  Kyle has the OK to distribute them to the rest of the platoon as soon as he receives them! These kits make all the difference on a long patrol outside the wire! With Sincere thanks from a grateful Marine Mom

26 Aug 2009 –   in 2005 prior to deploying w 26 MEU, I requested via these pgm pads for my sqd. you guys sent us the pads and it was the best piece of gear in our bodies at that time the marine corps wasn’t issuing pads at all, after that deployment i got orders to [opsec removed] duty. upon finishing [that] duty i returned back to the grunt side of the house when i got my 782 gear issue i got my kevlar helmet w a set of pads (bricks)since then is just a constant headache i wish i kept my pads that i got from you 4 years ago, we are about to deploy here in October to Afghanistan and i would like to see if its possible for the marines in my plt can get lucky this time and have a better padding system w them especially during this up coming deployment have 35 young marines in my plt, and my company its about 178 marines total, we will appreciate any help possible on this matter. SSGT, USMC

25 Aug 2009 the current pads are too stiff causing migraines all the time and making me have to remove my kevlar several times through out a dismounted and mounted patrol.  my current suspension system is destroyed from last deployments and never held up except with duct tape.  LCPL, USMC

24 Aug 2009 The current pads are always hard and after becoming drenched with sweat get really hard n stiff. Also because the pads are so thick we need to get a size larger and it becomes uncomfortable because your helmet doesn’t fit your head properly n snugly. The pads we have also rip n shred a lot and aren’t really the best quality. LCpl, USMC

12 Aug 2007 – When I originally went to Iraq from Feb to Sep 2006, my unit ordered and received your Oregon Aero pads. They were unbelievably comfortable!!! It was a great comfort to know that there are organizations such as yours looking out for the servicemembers on the front lines. When we began our predeployment training for my upcoming deployment I was excited to hear that I was going to be able to have pads issued to me (I left my pads for another Marine to use prior to my departure from Iraq.) I was sadly disappointed at not only how hard the pads which were issued were but not only how uncomfortable the lowest bidder’s product was. I would now like to know how to take care of the Marines which are going out this time with me. Thank you for what you do for us. Semper Fidelis, SSgt Xxx

05 Aug 2009 – the old ones slip around and cause headaches. CPL, USMC

31 Jul 2009 – Pads given are too thick and still have just a chin strap to hold my kevlar on Fellow Marines have gotten systems during previous deployments. Since being in the field so much dirt makes the velcro sticky pads not work. A large kevlar is too large and a medium one fits better, but with the 1 inch pads it does not properly fit my head. Also, I still have just a chin strap to hold the kevlar to my head. LCPL, USMC

25 July 07 – My husband has just deployed for the 4th time to Iraq last week. Although he volunteered to go with his platoon this time, for me it’s feels like the first all over again. I had inquired about sending him a Helmet pad and I remember getting a response that the Marines are issued their own. My husband called at 2 am today asking specially to please email your organization to please send him one of yours if at all possible. Proud Marine Wife.

15 Jul 2009 – I get hot spots continually with the issues pads.  Capt, USMC

18 Jun 2009 – just returned in march from iraq and we are leaving in november for afghanistan. my pads got ruined and started ripping and don’t Velcro except the front and back. i would greatly appreciate a new kit.  CPL, USMC

27 May 2009 – I had pad’s from you last deployment and they worked great; I’m redeploying to go to Afghanistan now and need new ones.  I got re-issued a new kevlar and new pad’s after my last deployment, just looking to have same protection/comfort as the pad’s I had from you, last deployment. Heading overseas in a few months time.  LCPL, USMC

24 May 2009 – My supply only gave me the helmet with three of the crappy gray pads, not even enough to properly use the helmet. Right now I’m borrowing some extras from a buddy to have a full pad outfit. I’ve used the Oregon Aero pads in the past at my last command, and never want to use the issued Team Wendy gray pads again if I have any choice at all. Thanks for what you guys do.  CPL, USMC

21 May 2009 – Engineers. Long route repair, route clearing missions, FOB building and patrols kill our heads in the uncomfortable pad system that is currently in use. Some kevlars simple don’t fit with the old systems so the web system is retained.  LCPL, USMC

20 May 2009 – The pads that were issued are a total waste of resources. I wish that one day, the DoD would decide on spending time and money on getting the right product rather than wasting time and money replacing it.  I wouldn’t mind stepping in front of the Joint Chiefs and schooling them.  CPL, USMC

9 May 2009 – the helmet pads we are issued are hard and give us head aches, the pads we are issued are Team Wendy zap.  LCPL, USMC

30 Apr 2009 –  I just receive a brand-new USMC-LW helmet(still in plastic bag when I got it) in early March and wore it steady for a two week training exercise in Mississippi; consequently, the center pad is already flaking up. Also, for those two weeks I had to keep removing my helmet to relieve the tension headache that it was causing me! My HM’s and I are going OCONUS in the mid fall of 2009 and I would like to have all my gear ready prior to avoid any delays at the last minute. Many thanks to you folks, and GOD BLESS YOU. LCDR, USN (FMF)

26 Apr 2009 – Most of our EOD and Motor Transport Operator personnel are currently using MSA cross section pads and have constant headaches from these. We are requesting to be sent the Oregon Aero Pads as we have found these to be the most comfortable. They also seem to provide the best protection as well, due to the dual foam. Also the pads we currently have are all size 4 and we would like size 6 as they wear better.  LCPL, USMC

How are the ‘new’ Marine-issue pads being accepted in the field? Here’s this morning’s (4/27/07) email from a unit preparing to deploy shortly: “Hello, My name is SSgt xxxxxxxx. I am the supply chief with xxxxxxxxxxx unit out of xxxxxxxx.  Our company received some kind of upgrade pad that was issued from battalion that the marines will not wear because it is so uncomfortable.  The pads do not fit the helmets therefore causing the helmet to sit extremely high on the marines head.  The pads are also very hard and as mentioned earlier extremely uncomfortable.  Our marines need to wear the pads because of the importance of helping save marines lives that are in explosions. I sincerely hope that you and your company can help with our problem.”