2010 Army Requests

31 Dec 2010: Duties: line medic. Current Pads: green and cloth like texture and sewn seams. Comments: army issue chin strap cause skin irritation; army issue pads are very uncomfortable wearing for extended time periods; deploying to war zone as line medic outside wire and need best pads possible; my parents are donating money to help defray costs; thanks for all you are doing; wish the Army would make these standard issue.  Heard About us: my mother found online and others in my unit have ordered and find they are great.  PFC, US Army.

30 Dec 2010: Duties: Sniper. Current Pads: NSN 8470-01-546-9415. Comments: The current pads are very uncomfortable and when they get cold they are hard as rocks. When worn everyday they wear out and my helmet becomes loose and slides either in my eyes or towards the back of my head. CPL, US Army.

28 Dec 2010: Duties: Medic. Current Pads: issued ACH pads. Comments: in time the pads loose their cushionning attributes. SPC, US Army.

28 Dec 2010: Duties: MANEUVER, CONVOY. Current Pads: NSN & SKYDEX. Comments: I Recently received a set of the oregon aero pads. They make a tremendous difference. Thanks to everyone who supports this program it is a great program these pads save us from the discomfort and pain that the military issue pads create. SPC, US Army.

26 Dec 2010: I have 36 Soldiers that go outside the wire and could all use upgrades. We all have the same pads other than a couple that have purchased upgraded pads already. I’m looking for an alternative for my troops. The current pads we were issued are very hard making the helmet uncomfortable. And in the cold months, like now, the pads get even harder. A more comfortable fit would certainly ease the long hours we spend wearing the ACHs. CPT, US Army

24 Dec 2010: Duties: Convoy. Current Pads: MSA 8470-01-546-9415. Comments: The pads are not fitting correctly and the helmet moves around makes it difficult to drive.  SPC, US Army.

23 Dec 2010: Duties: Explosive Ordnance Disposal. Current Pads: NSN 8470-01-546-9415. Comments: Pads are hard and not comfortable.  CPT, US Army.

21 Dec 2010: Duties: I am the supply sgt for my company. Current Pads: nsn 8470-01-546-9415. Comments: current pads are too hard and bite into my joes heads. they often complain of poor fit and sore heads. CPL. US Army.

21 Dec 2010: Duties: infantry. Current Pads: MSA. Comments: they are very uncomfertable, we all get headaches from the issued ones.  SPC, US Army.

20 Dec 2010: Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: Black/ Green initial issue. Comments: Pressure on the front of my forehead…..Just plain out discomfort all around. SGT, US Army.

19 Dec 2010: We have received the helmet pads and been wearing them for about the last month. They are a great improvement over the issue pads. We can now conduct our operations without experiencing headaches and head pain that we would get from the normal pads. We will try and get through on the PEO Soldier website and let them know about the differences in the pads. Thank you, MAJ, US Army.

17 Dec 2010: Duties: Tanker/Dismount. Current Pads: Gray standard issue. Comments: They are very uncomfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time. SPC, US Army.

14 Dec 2010: Duties: fueler. Current Pads: one single pad that cover the whole helmet. Comments: my current pad is worn out, i have had it for 3 years and am having a hard time finding an affordable replacement. SPC, US Army.

13 Dec 2010: Duties: Route Clearance. Current Pads: Pad, ACH NSN 8470-01-546-9407. Comments: We are conducting route clearance operations in Afghanistan. MTBI is a serious side affect of our profession, and anything that can increase the comfort for the Soldier, and increase protection to the cranium is extremely important to us.  1LT, US Army.  Followup on 13 Dec 2010: “Wow. I am simply amazed at the level of enthusiasm with which you are supporting us, and from what I have heard, many other Soldiers and Marines as well. Only an hour ago I heard about you from our sister Sapper company. Their Commander had nothing but praise to say about you and your organization. Barely 30 minutes later, I hear you have not only received the request and trying to fill it, but have found a donor to help support us. Since we arrived in country, trying to get even simple equipment through the government supply channels has been slow, difficult, and often disapproved. I am simply amazed at the generosity you and your organization have shown, to say nothing of the generosity of Mr. Zxxx. God bless for your support of Soldiers. V/R, xxx 1LT, US Army”.

9 Dec 2010: Duties: Cav Scout. Current Pads: They are airfilled gray pads. Comments: The helmet does not fit right. Due to the pads the helmet will not form correctly to my head. It makes it difficult to fire my weapon while wearing it.  SGT, US Army.

6 Dec 2010: Duties: can’t really tell you just know I will be outside of the wire on a daily basis. i heard a bout this operation from my medic. Current Pads: issued with the helmet. Comments: when its cold they are hard, and do not be come flexible until they have been on your head for 30 min. They really do not provied any comfort for haveing your helmet on for long periods of time including all day. SGT, US Army.

6 Dec 2010: Heard About us: another medic Duties: Combat medic for the troops during patrols Current Pads: gentex corportation Comments: I’m having trouble with stabilization its hard to find the right combination with the 7 pads i have to get it to fit right. PFC, US Army.

6 Dec 2010: Duties: infantry. Current Pads: gray with black velcro and three different shapes one circular for the top and four rectangular for the sides and two large squares for front and back. Comments: well with the current pads I have it causes pressure on my temple giving me a headache and with night vision on it weighs down the front and causes my eyepro to dig into my face. SPC, US Army.

4 Dec 2010: Duties: Providing medical training to ANA [Afghan National Army]. Current Pads: Standard issue green/grey pads. Comments: As a medic, we’re trained that the newest form of injury to worry about more and more is TBI. The issue pads provided only the minimum protection and almost zero comfort after an hour or two of consistent wear. We can’t protect our soldiers brains from forces unseen and more and more often neurological injuries take a soldier out of the fight. PFC, US Army.

3 Dec 2010: I barely wore my helmet outside of the wire, the second we rolled outside the gate my helmet was coming off because it put me to sleep and hurt so bad.  The only time I ever found relief was when I was gunning, and had the mike set on.  These pads were poorly designed, and the Army needs to look into new ways of improving them. SPC, US Army.

3 Dec 2010: Duties: Medic. Current Pads: gray pads issued from basic training over 1 year ago. Comments: Deploying in 3 weeks, pads are worn out and doesnt offer much comfort. PFC, US Army.

2 Dec 2010: I have a scout platoon of twenty (20) guys, all of whom want the new pads. My crew complains constantly (of headaches)…We got a chance to look at them from the PSYOP guys we work with on a daily basis, and as soon as they felt the difference everyone has been bugging me to get me the info for the site. My guys will go for 40+ hours sometimes, with their helmets on, and it’s bad enough that we’ve sustained a couple TBIs, worse when the helmet compounds their headaches even more. 1LT, US Army.

2 Dec 2010: Duties: Senior Medic. Current Pads: ACE Color, Sewn Seems, cotton like texture. Comments: Pads go flat in a relatively short amount of time after daily wear and no longer provide as much comfort or support. Seems tend to rip after extended daily wear.  SGT, US Army.

2 Dec 2010: Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: UNK. Comments: Pads extremely worn. Second deployment for pads and suspension system.  SFC, US Army.

1 Dec 2010: Duties: convoy. Current Pads: NSN. Comments: after a couple hours the pads leave a bruise on my head, making it painful to wear headgear. PFC, US Army.

23 Nov 2010: Duties: Civil Affairs Current Pads: light green pads Comments: over time, the pads loss there cushion. while more comfortable then pervious pads, they still cause headaches for me.


22 Nov 2010: Duties: Troop Executive Officer. Current Pads: Gray, cloth covered plastic with gel inside. Comments: They seem to be filled with air around the gel filling, causing the pads to fit too tightly. Puncturing the outer layer helped a bit, but a pad that is more foam in nature would produce a better and more comfortable fit. 1LT, US Army.

20 Nov 2010: There are a few problems I have with the current pads. My main problem is a pressure point on top of my head. I had to remove the crown pad and reconfigure the others so it’s not painful. They also have a hard time compressing in cold weather and make the helmet hard to fit on your head. In hot weather they retain a lot of sweat and you end up with sweat dripping into your eyes. Lastly, they do not secure the helmet to your head in a way that would provide the protection required. It doesn’t matter how tight or loose you have your chin strap adjusted, the helmet never stays straight. It might stay straight for short periods of time or while doing minimal movement, but when you’re moving up a mountain, taking contact, bounding, performing Individual Movement Techniques (IMT) it’s surely to cant to a side, making you constantly having to adjust it just to see, or mount your weapon to your cheek. It’s not a very good system for the worlds best military.  SGT, US Army.

19 Nov 2010: Duties: Rifle Platoon Leader. Current Pads: NSN, ACU color.  Comments: The current pads cause irritation and itching once I start to sweat. They just are not comfortable.  2LT, US Army.

19 Nov 2010: Duties: Infantry Sniper. Current Pads: MSA pads. Comments: The pads are not very comforitable, they never compress they way you want. They irritate my forehead. They retain sweat and smells. They also do not stable the helmet, I can’t tell you how many times I see a crooked helmet. It’s embarrasing. SGT, US Army.

18 Nov 2010: Duties: I am on the PSD team (personal security detail) constant convoys. Current Pads: color Grey army issue pads. Comments: can not order pads through supply as well as chin straps and the pads continue to cause headaches for all of us im a gunner and being in the turret you are less likely to be able to remove your helmet for a brief period.  SPC, US Army.

16 Nov 2010: Duties: maintence support. Current Pads: color light green soft texture sewn seam. Comments: current pads are uncomfortable and hard to clean and the fabric tears when removed form ach.  SPC, US Army. [OpHelm replied that  we send to troops outside the wire and harm’s way.  His response]:  i’m on the recovery team i do go out side the wire everyday ive been blown up 2 times in the last month and been shot at numerous times since ive been here if thats not good enough for some new pads then i dnt know what is thanks [we sent pads same day]  SPC, US Army.

16 Nov 2010: Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: black and gray, glued seam, felt texture. Comments: they wear down too fast, are not comfortable for extended ACH usage (+24 HRS), are practically unable to be cleaned with out ruining them so it is just as easy to keep buying the same crappy pads.  SPC, US Army.

15 Nov 2010: Duties: infantry. Current Pads: the color is gray its very hard padding and annoying. Comments:  sometimes the padding starts to tear – really hard to break in. PV2, US Army.

14 Nov 2010: Duties: Cavalry Scout.  Current Pads: the words are worn, they are foliage green and rip very easy.  Comments: Mine and some of my guy’s pads are falling apart. The backs rip out.  SGT, US Army.

13 Nov 2010: Duties: RTAC [Regional Training Access Center]. Current Pads: basic issue green pads. Comments: no matter how many pads i add my helmet never fits right for more than 5 minutes. the pads are always falling off, and after about 2 hours of wearing my ACH, it begins to make my head start to pound. wearing NVGs [night vision goggles] makes it even worse.  SPC, US Army.

12 Nov 2010: Duties: Theater Strength Manager. Current Pads: NSN 8470-01-546-9415; 01-546-9407; 01-546-9356. Comments: Hard and uncomfortable…some pads are too large and would fit better if smaller in size. I plan on purchasing different pads.  LTC, US Army.

11 Nov 2010: Duties: PSYOP. Current Pads: MSA. Comments: Poor fit causing problems, pads detiorating and tearing apart. PV2, US Army.

10 Nov 2010: Duties: First Sergeant – I go where the Soldiers go on the Battlefield, My Fighting platoon is currently the PSD [personal security detachment] for the BDE [brigade] Commander and CSM [Command Sergeant Major]. They are constantly moving across 159,000 square Kilometers of battlespace. Infantry!  Current Pads: Size 6 MSA pads standard issue.  Comments: I gave a set of pads to one of my Soldiers and so far he loves the way they feel and the fact that the pads do not stiffen up after hours on the trails and roads in Northern Afghanistan.  1SG, US Army.

10 Nov 2010: Duties: Transportation/Security Foot/convoy Current Pads: various / standard/ green black Comments: stiff cause headaches.  SFC, US Army.

10 Nov 2010: Sorry for the delay, our internet went down again for a few days, as per usual. Mostly, the problems we have is that soldiers dont want to wear their helmets. So they will either unclip them or take them off altogether, any chance they get. It gets real bad when we are out in the sun all day. The draining sun plus the headache the helmets give us makes for a deadly combination. We all thank you so much for what you are doing for us guys over here. Your help is greatly appreciated.

6 Nov 2010: Duties: Infantry.  Current Pads: Team Wendy size 8 (1in Pads).  Comments: My hat size is 7 1/4 which allows me to wear either the medium ACH with 3/4 inch pads or the Large with one inch pads. I tried the medium with 3/4 pads and it is way too tight. I currently have a large helmet with 1″ pads that fits perfectly. The problem is the pads are falling apart. I tried to DX [order] my pads but CIF [central issue facility] does not carry and due to the budget situation in the Army our supply system can not order the pads.  SFC, US Army.

5 Nov 2010: Duties: Cavalry. Current Pads: green, nsn 9470016469415. Comments: stiff, uncomfortable.  1LT, US Army.

5 Nov 2010: Duties: driving in vip convoys 3 or 4 times a week. Current Pads: black round pad. Comments: current issued pads hurt top of head after hours of driving. i drive down lots of unsafe roads and need pads that will help protect my head.  SPC, US Army.

5 Nov 2010: Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: green and black. Comments: Thanks.  MAJ, US Army.

5 Nov 2010: Duties: Infantry, over 200 combat patrols complete in only 3 months.  Current Pads: Army issue pads that include 1 large round pad, 2 medium square pads, and 4 small square pads.  Comments: Our current pads are covered in dirt, grim, and sweat making them gross to wear. These pads are comfortable but they don’t clean well. Thanks for your support of our troops.  1LT, US Army.

4 Nov 2010: Duties: MEDIVAC. Current Pads: Green Hard.  Comments: They are hard and feel like lumps. SGT, US Army.

4 Nov 2010: I wanted to let you know we got our kits and LOVE THEM!!!  They arrived the day before we started a 10 day mission so they got quite a workout.  Our non-scientific analysis is that we can wear them about 30% longer before any “helmet fatigue.”  Even then, it is more noticing that you have a helmet on rather than wishing you had it off.  The first day I used them in the field I went all day without “needing” to take off my helmet because I just couldn’t take it anymore.  So it takes longer before you are uncomfortable at all and it never gets to the “oh god get this thing off me” point. A couple of observations: Discovered that they have a liquid interior when we had a hard freeze and my helmet was in the truck overnight.  Quickly solved by putting it over the heating vent for a few minutes but it was a surprise.  On the other hand, once heated up they hold heat nicely!  It was like putting a hot towel on my head.  Nice on a cold day.  I imagine putting them on the AC would let them hold some cold on hot days. My XO discovered that they are not nearly as comfortable if you install them upside down!  Doah! I am able to have my helmet tighter on my head with less discomfort than with the old pads.  Tighter is better. I have knocked my head on the side of the truck a few times (occupational hazard) and it seems like less force was transferred to my head.  Also good! Thank you again from the entire Kabul Team.  We really appreciate everything you are doing. MAJ, US Army

31 Oct 2010: Duties: I am the Team Leader for a Validation Team in Afghanistan that assesses the training and combat readiness of Afghan Military units. We travel throughout our region as we assess different units every couple of weeks.  Current Pads: MSA green/black pads.  Comments: The current pads that our team has are extremely uncomfortable. They are hard and provide no cushion. Most of team gets headaches after 20-30 minutes of wear and want to take their helmets off. It makes extended operations difficult when the team is battling headaches. MAJ, US Army.

31 Oct 2010: Duties: Infantry. Brigade Commander PSD. Current Pads: NSN: 8470-01-548-9415 GENTEX CORPORATION. Comments: Just overall discomfort and pain. Occasional headaches, especially when out for a long time. PFC, US Army.

26 Oct 2010: Duties: infantry. Current Pads: NSN 8470-01-546-9415 9U425 LOT 0848-3 3/4″.  Comments: My personal difficulties is that they dont hold their form, and that they are uncomfortable.  SPC, US Army.

15 Oct 2010: Duties: combat engineers, COP building. Current Pads: skydex. Comments: worn out peeling outer covers and sweat.  SSG, US Army.

14 Oct 2010: Duties: Maneuver. Current Pads: ACH Pads NSN: 8470-01-546-9415 Gentex Corporation. Comments: The ACH pads dig into the side of my head on both sides causing severe headaches. SPC, US Army.

11 Oct 2010: Duties: Route Clearance. Current Pads: Basic pads. Comments: The pads are uncomfortable and feel like cardboard. We wear these all day long and need more custom fit padding. Thanks. SGT, US Army.

11 Oct 2010: Duties: Route Clearance. Current Pads: MSA.  Comments: Several soldiers have had some of their pads come apart when removing the pads for cleaning.  SPC, US Army.

10 Oct 2010: Duties: Cavalry Scout Current Pads: Dark Green, thin. Comments: My current pads are simply uncomfortable and gives me headachs.  SPC, US Army.

9 Oct 2010: Duties: Combat advisors and mentors to the Afghan National Army. Current Pads: MSA. Comments: Become stiff with sweat. Also front pad tends to make fore head numb after 20 minutes or so.  CW2, US Army.


9 Oct 2010: Duties: Assessments of the ANA. Current Pads: MSA. Comments: The current pads are very uncomfortable when wearing the helmet for long periods. In addition you bounce around a lot in the MRAP’s. Anything that provides more cushioning is welcome.  MSG, US Army.

8 Oct 2010: Duties: light infantry/medic. Current Pads: 5 year old original issue ach pads no writing black smell bad and stiff as a board. Comments: i think that the current pads absorb too much sweat mine have been through iraq and afghanistan and they smell like a dead goat. when its cold and we sweat they freeze when we take them off so its like wearing ice blocks on your head and the chin strap sucks too! thank you for everything your orgization does to help grunts like me.  SPC, US Army.

8 Oct 2010: Duties: Validation Transition Team, we travel around and validate Afghan Units on their capability to accomplish their mission without assistance from US/NATO Forces. Current Pads: GENTEX (gray). Comments: Headache mostly, the current pads are effective but do not conform with all the different head shapes etc… MSG, US Army.

8 Oct 2010: Duties: I am the team chief for a team that validates the training received by Afghan National Army Soldiers. We ensure that the Afghan Soldiers leaving their initial training are able to survive during their initial deployment. My team includes one Civilian, and 4 ANA Officers. Every other week we are out with a different unit. Current Pads: NSN. Comments: Most of us cant stand having our helmets on for more than a few hours before our scalps get sore. Taking off your helmet can be unhealthy but I admit we do it a lot. I would love to be safe and comfortable!  MAJ, US Army.

6 Oct 2010: Duties: Security. Current Pads: nsn 8479016469358. Comments: doesnt allow helmet to sit properly on your head.  SSG, US Army.

4 Oct 2010: Duties: CONVOY. Current Pads: NSN 3470-01-506-6626. Comments: HEADACHES, CHIN STRAP IS UNCORFORTABLE WHEN WORN FOR HOURS.  PFC, US Army.

1 Oct 2010: Duties: I am the [opsec] and have to always be ready to put on my body armor. I work missions that require my helmet and the old pads that are issued make my head feel like its in a vice. PLEASE HELP.  Current Pads: hard black pads that were issued in kuwait. Comments: I am going to write to help the cause, change out the pads.  1LT, US Army.

1 Oct 2010: Duties: Route Clearence Current Pads: MSA Comments: Cause discomfort and headaches with the soldiers of the Platoon.  PFC, US Army.

30 Sep 2010: Duties: Route Clearance. Current Pads: NSN: 8470-01-546-9415. Comments: The current pads we have are hard and uncomfortable. When trying to pull them out to clean, they often rip/tear.  SSG, US Army.

29 Sep 2010: Convoy Security.  Comments: I just want to start by saying that the pads you sent me are great. The previous pads that I had were original issuse when I came in the army. Let me just say they were not comfortable. When we wear our helmets as much as we do these new pads are great cause its important to have a comfortable helmet. Thanks and you are doing a great thing.  SGT, US Army.

28 Sep 2010: Duties: I am a Secfor Medic. Current Pads: MSA. Comments: While out just doing training i find myself constintly adjusting my ACH because of the pressure headaches it gives me. SPC, US Army.

27 Sep 2010: Duties: Route Clearance. Current Pads: MSA. Comments: N/A. SPC, US Army.

26 Sep 2010: Duties: Full Spectrum. Current Pads: Skydex. Comments: Current Pads are very hard in extreme cold and in extreme heat become deformed after extended wear as in current operations  SSG, US Army.

25  Sept 2010: Doc…thanks for the quick response and thank you for sending the helmet pads. We have the same problems as everyone else…the pads get painful and it distracts us from what we’re doing.  I personally find myself fidgeting with my helmet after about 30 minutes and then taking it off and rubbing my head every 10-15 minutes after that.  My team rotates as top gunners and I always dread being up there because I’m distracted.  Asking around, that pretty well sums it up for my guys also.
MAJ, US Army

24 Sep 2010: Duties: I have a six man team that is responsible for assessing the effectivness of Afghan Army units on combat operations. We will frequently travel throughout [the area]. Current Pads: Standard issue MSA. Comments: These pads are terribly uncomfortable after about an hour because they are so hard.  MAJ, US Army.

14 Sep 2010: Duties: MP [military police]. Current Pads: Grey Pads.  Comments: Forehead pains & headaches. PFC, US Army.

11 Sep 2010: Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: MSA Pad. Comments: When I was over the first time they were very uncomfortable, many complaints among the soldiers. SPC, US Army.

10 Sep 2010: Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: Gray on gray.. It seems like they where glued together. Comments: They are falling apart. Every time I take them out to wash them they get a new tear in the pads. I’ve had them for only 2 weeks after replacing them at CIF.  SGT, US Army.

7 Sep 2010: Duties: [our unit] will replace the [opsec], conducting counter-insurgency operations alongside Afghan National Security Forces. Current Pads: ZAP MGF by Team Wendy. Comments: I just got back from Iraq I was stationed in camp Taji we did Convoy Security, we wore our ACH’s throughout the mission hours at a time. The pads that was given to me are rock hard they are not form fitting. They are cheaply made the edges that was sewn are really course and would really irritate my forehead. After getting head aches I would remove some pads and then my ACH would slip down on the bridge of my nose and cut it. I am about to deploy to Afgan in April and would love to not have these problems in a much more hostile environment.  SPC, US Army.

5 Sep 2010: Duties: Traditional CAV scout mission mixed with current COIN ops. Current Pads: they are the CIF issued pads, green greyish color. Comments: Constant headache approx 30-45 min after i wear my helmet. also the pads get worn down pretty quickly and do not return to form.  1LT, US Army

5 Sep 2010: Duties: combat engineer. Current Pads: NSN 8470-01-506-6626. Comments: pads come apart easily when worn for long time.  SGT, US Army.

4 Sep 2010: Duties: PLATOON LDR- TRUCK COMPANY. Current Pads: NSN, Green, I get Headaches a lot from wearing all day. Comments: We are truck drivers and they are not comfortable at all many Soldiers complain of Head Aches and lack of support.  1LT, US Army.

30 Aug 2010: Duties: Intel Sergeant. Current Pads: MSA Black. Comments: sweat at lot.  SGT, US Army.

30 Aug 2010: Duties: Recon. Current Pads: NSN. Comments: The pads are very stiff and after a full day at the range wearing the ACH with the NSN pads I get headaches . Very uncomfertable to wear and move around in, also pulls my hair on sudden movements. PV2, US Army.

29 Aug 2010: Duties: Cavalry Scout. Current Pads: NSN 8470-01-546-9407. Comments: I’ve been using to same pads and chin strap i was issued in basic training because i was never issued any when i arrived to my unit. I also heard from my friend from basic how good these pad are so why not find out. PFC, US Army.

28 Aug 2010: Duties: Recon. Current Pads: MSA. Comments: Uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.  SPC, US Army.

28 Aug 2010: Duties: forward reconnaissance. Current Pads: MSA. Comments: After being in the field or on deployments with the MSA pads, the kevlar bounces around on my head and isn’t very secure, especially during night time ops with the extra weight of nods [night vision device]. PFC, US Army

27 Aug 2010: Duties: engineer. Current Pads: nsn green. Comments: padding wears out too fast. PFC, US Army.

26 Aug 2010: Duties: Infantry Medic. Current Pads: basic pad set that comes with the ACH they are the army acu color. Comments: i get a pressure headache on my front of the head and it hurts my head within a half hour of having it on. i have seen really nice front pads u can get.  SPC, US Army.

26 Aug 2010: Duties: Combat Engineer, Route clearance, patrols. Current Pads: NSN: 8470-01-546-9415. Comments: The pads are stiff and will not clean easily. SGT, US Army.

23 Aug 2010: Duties: INFANTRY. Current Pads: all ACU colored for the ACH. Comments: It’s just so uncomfortable.  SSG, US Army.

21 Aug 2010: Duties: Engineer. Current Pads: MSA. Comments: The helmet pads that we have right now are to stiff and cause headaches.  SSG, US Army.

20 Aug 2010: Duties: Medic. Current Pads: 8470-01-506-6851. Comments: the current pads become hard/stiff and brittle after just a few months in theater. they are not very durable as well.  SSG, US Army.

17 Aug 2010: Duties: Convoy security. Current Pads: .  Comments: The pads are seperating from the backing, and no longer sticking to the helmet. I am asking enough for my entire platoon. 1LT, US Army.

9 Aug 2010:  Army Scout working with Civil Affairs units in Afghanistan. Current Pads: MSA.  Comments: Our greatest concern is that the ACH’s tend to fall in front of our eyes when we are in the prone. In addition if you have head lamps they would be greatly appricated.  SPC, US Army.

6 Aug 2010: Duties: Route Clearance.  Current Pads: NSN – foliage green.  Comments: Hard. Now that they’ve broke in it’s rubbing the hair off the front of my head. Also doesn’t stay in place and I’ve been hit in the head a few times with the metal NVG mount. SGT, US Army.

2 Aug 2010: Duties: Convoy security. Current Pads: Skydex. Comments: The pads are uncomfortable for any extended periods (which is all the time) causing headaches and fatigue. The kit also came with a chin strap that cuts into the face (rubs it raw).  SPC, US Army.

1 Aug 2010: Duties: mechanic. Current Pads: not exactly sure. its for my husband that is deployed. he lthat is left one here that is green on one side and black on the other. fuzzy material and a tag with either a 6 or 9 on it. hope that helps. Comments: he is always complaining the they are uncomfortable and hot.  SSG, US Army.

1 Aug 2010: Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: My helmet [is not available right now], they are very uncomfortable though.  Comments: They are uncomfortable, they rub my head raw, they make my helmet slide forward, they are just horrible pads. My battle buddy and i have head aches from wearing them all day today on a qrf mission.  PV2, US Army

27 Jul 2010: Duties: Fire Support/Joint Fires Observer.  Current Pads: standard issue gray ones. Comments: the gray ones are not forming right and giving some of us headaches, and some of us have our hair getting pulled in weird ways. kind of lumpy to which after a while sucks. SPC, US Army

27 Jul 2010: Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: army standard issue from army CIF [central issue facility].  Comments: They lose their shape quickly, aren’t comfortable or fitting on the head and they cause headaches.  1LT, US Army.

25 Jul 2010: Duties: MP. Current Pads: MSA Pad, Circ Crown 3/4″. Comments: The current pads cause very sore hot spots on certain areas of my head.  MSG, US Army

24 Jul 2010: Duties: 11b – Infantry. Current Pads: CIF issued. Comments: the pads that are issued via CIF are not only uncomfortable but too bulky, and are not very durable.  PFC, US Army.


24 Jul 2010: I am active duty and was issued the pads with the helmet at Fort Carson. The pads were in the helmet so it may have been that a soldier purchased them to clear easier (new vs. old). However many of my Soldiers from Fort Hood came with Skydex pads. Thank you. SFC, US Army

23 Jul 2010: Duties: Infantry, Scout, Recon. Current Pads: MSA, Green and black, Sewn seam. Comments: I have to move the pads around to make room for my radio headset, when I am on mounted patrol. However the pads have torn from unvelcroing over time. It seems the velcro is stronger than the sewing on the seams. Also, the padding compresses over time and does not allow much cushion.  SSG, US Army. 

23 Jul 2010:  Duties: logistics. Current Pads: MSA 8470-01-546-9415.  Comments: the pads fall apart, they get hard spots in them and create sore spots on the forehead!  SSG, US Army

22 Jul 2010: Military Police.  i have a small head and wear a small helmet but the pads do not seat my head properly in the helmet.  SPC, US Army.

21 Jul 2010: Ammunition Specialist. Comments: Current pads are poorly made and split at the seams.  SPC, US Army.

18 Jul 2010: Cavalry – refueling. Comments: you have to remove 1-3 to get them to fit right. some of us have misshapen heads! lol  SGT, US Army.

18 Jul 2010: Sniper Comments: I am requesting 3 kits. One for me, and the other two are for the two other people on the sniper team with me. Since we’ve been in country we’ve all had problems with our issue helmet pads. They don’t seem to hold up with the extreme temperatures. The issue pads dry out and feel like bricks when you first put the helmet on for the day. Then, after we get to our overwatch points, the pads start soaking up all that sweat. Then, when we get back,m we have noticed that the pads start to fall apart. In conclusion, the issue pads are complete garbage. My team and I would very much appreciate the upgrade. Just something that little would brighten these three infantry soldier’s days. Thank you…  SPC, US Army.

18 Jul 2010: Infantry Comments: The issue pads are too stiff and uncomfortable. They give you a headache. Friends who have these pads can’t stop raving about how comfortable they are!  SGT, US Army.

17 Jul 2010: Infantry. Comments: Current pads are either too thick (causing me to use fewer of them; making the whole system not as stable) or sit right at my temples causing me to have headaches within the first hour of wearing the helmet.  SPC, US Army.


16 Jul 2010: Convoy, Patrol, Air Support. Comments: The pads that I recieved from the origional issue began to swell and I had to start removing and rearanging the pads so that my helmet would still fit me. They all created hot spots on my head and created a very uncomfortable and itchy feeling. The second set of pads that I was issued shortly after we deployed did not last long. This set of pads wore very thin and started to harden making the wear of the helmet very uncomfortable. The rest of the unit is experiencing similar issues.  SSG, US Army.

16 Jul 2010: Route Clearance. Comments: My helmet never sits right and needs to be adjusted all the time. My whole SQD has the same problem with theres too. If you can please help us out we work anywhere from 8-14 hours a night. Thank you and God Bless.  SGT, US Army.

15 Jul 2010: Military Police. Comments: Forehead pain. SFC, US Army

12 Jul 2010: convoy security, patrols. Comments: I have requested 20 units for my squad, but Am wondering if I could try to receive enough for all deploying soldiers in my company, 141 is the number we have for troops on the ground, but any amount that can be freed up is more then helpful, I have requested these units through my chain of command and luck….I would love to do what I can to allow my soldiers to do their job out there instead of dealing with headaches, and pains.  SGT, US Army.

12 Jul 2010: Convoys, Guard Duty, Mechanic, Escort Missions. Comments: I have been deployed 4 times and I am about to make my fifth trip. I have yet came across any padding or liners that fit comfortably, support or vents. Currently I have a gentex TPL Flight liner, and I have an ACH. I have tried the originally issued pads, the skydex system, I have tried using less pads, more small pads than large pads. The original pads hold heat, they harden in the winter making it extremely uncomfortable. All I can say is please help.  Sgt, US Army.

11 Jul 2010: Hello first off I like to say thank you for your support, head protection is vital in over seas operations. My pads are manufactured by MSA, they are standard issue. These pads are stiff and uncomfortable. These pads often build up pressure against the soldiers head which causes discomfort and headaches. This leads to a lot of soldiers to take their ACHs off which is dangerous.  PFC, US Army.

10 Jul 2010:  Duties: Conducting EOD support and Partnership Operations with the Iraqis Comments: Thank you very much for your patriotism in service to the fine men and women of the United States Military!  SSG, US Army.

9 Jul 2010: Duties: convoy security. Comments: unit will not purchase them for us, and Ive ask my soldiers about it and they can not afford them, I am unable to purchase for everyone in my section, but have heard they work great.  SGT, US Army.

7 Jul 2010: Duties: INFANTRY. Comments: I am requesting 35 kits for my Scout platoon. Your services are much appreciated.  CPT, US Army.

6 Jul 2010: Duties: infantry in afghanistan Comments: i dont know the brand but the new pads that are fielded leave sore spots especially with buzz cut hair and sweat makes it worse i believe i had the oregons in iraq and i notice an incredible difference between those and the new pad being issued. SPC, US Army

6 Jul 2010: Duties: Infantry Platoon Leader Comments: current pads uncomfortable, best liner I have worn was a friends and its a one piece that fits over the entire top portion of the head. I am requesting enough for my platoon, but I will gladly take whatever you are willing to supply. thank you. 1LT, US Army.

23 June 2010: I just received 20 helmet pad kits for my Soldiers and distributed them before what turned into a 15 hour route clearance mission. There is absolutely no comparison between the issued pads and your pads. 15 hours in the issued pads would have created hotspots and blinding headaches. I could not blame my Soldiers for removing their helmets, but unfortunately, I cannot allow them to remove them. No such problems with these new pads. To a man, everyone praised these wonderful pads. Thank you for sending to me. I am currently on the PEO website and I cannot find a survey or feedback page for the pads. There is a link for it, but it leads to an empty page.


6 Jun 2010:  Vehicle Commander.  Lack of Unit Supply.. old Mitch (helmet) pads Smoked and Ripped. very uncomfortable.. SPC, US Army.

4 Jun 2010: Cavalry Scout.  The old helmet pads wear out and tear up very easily. They also become very hard after a couple weeks of use.  SPC, US Army.

4 Jun 2010: Forward Observer – Standard issue pads just don’t cut it. Had to reduce the number of pads in the helmet to alleviate the problem, and the front-most pad has been crushed to the point where it barely cushions at all. Additionally, in the event that I suffer a head wound, my family won’t receive SGLI benefits due to the lower number of pads in my helmet, and because they aren’t covering the screws from my chinstrap. PFC, US Army.

27 May 2010: Force protection and mil to mil with host nations in Africa Comments: Hi Doc Bob. This is xxx again. The new pads are working great and are sooooo much more comfortable. The battalion will be in country shortly and you asked me to write back and let you know how many pad kits we could use. Thank you and your donors. Sgt, US Army. [requested 250 kits]

26 May 2010: Infantry.  Skydex pads loose their elasticity and are rock solid in cold weather. SFC, US Army

23 May 2010: combat medic Comments: old pads are hard to get a good fit, dig into head causing headaches during periods of extended use.  PFC, US Army.

19 May 2010: Military Police. I am requesting 5 sets of pads for myself and the other guys in my team. Other teams have recieved the pads and they are above and beyond what are issued. Thank you so much for the support!!!!!

19 May 2010: Combat Medics.  I thank you in advance. We are heading over soon (sorry, cant be specific) and can not get anything issued. We are out there saving lives and humping right along with the rest of the troops. My unit will be safer due to this assistance.  Sgt, US Army.

2 May 2010: Infantry First Sergeant.  Pads used with internal helmet headsets for the radio cause extreme pain and discomfort. 1SG, US Army.

2 May 2010: Infantry.  The current issued pads are unsatisfactory. They in no way fit to your head. Slipage is constantly a problem, which affects how we see and communicate on the battlefield.  SSGT, US Army

1 May 2010: my issued pads are way to stiff and thick, we have to use gentex chin straps as part of the SOP here and it rubs against my ears and is uncomfortable, potentially dangerous. i need softer thinner pads that are still authorized. thanks u guys are doing a good service. SPC, US Army.


23 Apr 2010: I have the Kydex bricks for pads, and due to funds, our supply is unable to order new ones, citing that they are currently on the restricted buy list. Not to mention that they are like strapping pieces of cardboard together and calling it “good” Please send a set of good pads so I don’t have to deal with the constant headaches and numbness that I deal with everyday.  SGT, US Army.

31 March 2010: Sir: as we are getting ready to conduct route clearance (go out and find IEDs) we are preparing our Soldiers for the inevitable blasts that we will encounter.  The problem with the current pads is that they are grossly uncomfortable so Soldiers: 1) Constantly remove their helmets to get relief for their heads.  Thus exposing their heads; this may happen right before a blast which would cause catastrophic damage as they are thrown around a vehicle. 2) Soldiers buy commercial off the shelf items that do not meet basic force protection requirements.  These products are very comfortable.  However, the expose the night vision device mount so it can strike the head if shaken.  They expose screws and the inner surface of the ACH which could potentially strike the head. In conclusion, the current Army provided pads push Soldiers to remove their ACH’s constantly and/or modify their ACH’s to a unauthorized configuration  Thank-you so much for your incredible support CPT, EN 

23 Mar 2010: Doc Bob,Thank you for such a quick response. Our EOD techs support a variety of missions. The two main missions are Route Clearance Operations (RCPs) and fly-away missions (hopping on an aircraft and being flown to whatever location to respond to an IED).

During RCPs, they travel from point A to point B checking the routes for IEDs, and oftentimes, these RCPs will take 8+ hours a day. The Soldiers wear their ACHs for the duration of the ride and will often come back with bruising on various points of their heads. I have personally seen the bruises as well as places where skin was rubbed raw on the forehead which is just unacceptable. Some will loosen the straps on the ACH, but this decreases the performance of the ACH in the event of an emergency, such as a rollover. The ACH then becomes more of a risk than a help. Sometimes the Soldiers get headaches if they do keep the straps tight, which hinders their ability to focus on extremely important tasks or decisions regarding deadly IEDs. Since we have been here, the weather has remained cool thus far, but it is starting to heat up which will reduce the durability of the pads once heads start to sweat. With the moisture and day to day wear, the pads start to compress and are in need of being replaced.

During fly-away missions, our techs go out with infantry Soldiers and can walk long distances and be more susceptible to small arms fire and indirect fire. Walking in the heat with packs full of necessary EOD equipment can take a toll on the body and having an ACH that cause great discomfort does not help. Again, Soldiers loosen the straps, and if they were to receive small arms fire or indirect fire, the ACH would be a potential risk as Soldiers are more likely to use jerkier movements when under stress and are required to react immediately. We’re looking to try anything new that might help the Soldiers even a little bit.

15 Mar 2010 – Infantry, Dismounted Operations.  Comments: After many weeks of hard work and sweat (plus no showers) building our JSS, my men’s pads are hard as rocks and falling apart from dirt and moisture buildup. Unfortunately it is just our platoon out here and our cries for even sub-standard GI pads are unheard. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! If you have any info on chinstraps as well that would be gravy! Thank you in advance!!!  SSG, US Army.

12 Mar 2010 – Duties: Dismounted operations – Cavalry Scout Team Leader. Comments: The issue pads are hard, uncomfortable, and seem flimsy. I tried some pads from my friend’s ACH who has oregon aero and they seemed way better. [friend] and I wanted to use these instead. SGT, US Army.

11 Mar 2010 – Route Clearance patrols;  I am platoon leader for an Engineer Route Clearance Platoon. My men are on the road six days a week for eight plus hours a day. I went to buy a new set of pads for my helmet and saw a $95 price tag on them. Way too expensive for a set of pads that do not take sweat well and give you a headache no matter how they are inserted into the helmet. My men have complained to me many times about the pads issued to them from CIF. We greatly appreciate your support.  LT, US Army.

7 Mar 2010 – Heard About us: Medics/Platoon Sergeant;  The standard issue pads I am using with my ACH cause headaches after a short amount of time wearing the helmet. My Platoon Sergeant has the green and black pads and said they have helped out tremendously. My current pads are NSN: 8470-01-476-5643.  LT, US Army [OH note: this are govt issued pads that, statistically, are made by Team Wendy]

5 Mar 2010 – I ordered a set for myself in the past.  Duties:  Engineers.  Comments: Hello, my Platoon is in the process of mobilizing and we will be leaving in early April and I was wondering if you would b able to get them [46 kits] to us before we leave?  SFC, US Army.

3 Mar 2010: Thanks again for sending the kits out so quickly, my Soldiers will greatly appreciate it.  To answer your question I asked around to my guys and they said when they washed the current ones (just by hand in a sink) the texture and the durability goes down considerably.  They become harder and lose elasticity and therefore are much less comfortable, especially for wearing for extended periods of time day in and day out.

2 Mar 2010 – I will be doing retrans in Afghanistan and going to fix Commo equipment in the vehicles.  I would really like some comfort in my ACH, the pads Ihave now hurt my head and cause me head aches!!! PFC, US Army

28 Feb 2010: We have been wearing the Oregon Aero helmet pad set your organization provided us for two weeks… WE ARE UNANIMOUS – these pads are by far better, no the best we have ever tryed. I had two Soldiers take a good bump on the head during a breeching operation and we have an average of 10 hours a day in our helmets and we are in love with the pads!!! we would highly suggest your products to everyone we meet. I have passed on to some fellow leaders on this FOB your contact info/website. Thank you Sir for all you are doing for us Dr. we appreciate it and i think–no i know we are now safer for your efforts.

27 Feb 2010: …they feel like you are super gluing large rocks to the inside of your head and they are just too thick which makes the helmet fit too tight on your head giving you a headache within 5 min. i would rather not even wear one than have to put up with that.seems like once they get saturated with sweat and dirt and dry they turn even harder too. all in all, if you couldnt tell already, i dont like them too much. 

23 Feb 2010: I was hoping to get 2 kits. 1 for me and 1 for my gunner. Thanks for everything you guys do. The issue pads we have are hard as rocks and generally suck all over. My SSG told me about this bc he used your site to get good pads. SGT, US Army.

23 Feb 2010:  Engineer Route Clearance Platoon, Requesting Pads for my entire Platoon. We clear on average 200 km 5-6 times a week.  If you cannot send 31 kits, please send as many as you can, my Soldiers would really appreciate it. LT, US Army.

20 Feb 2010: I have had the green and black pad set (Oregon AERO kit #95080 phone # 1-800-888-6910) I loved them they were comfortable and nice to wear, now I have been issued a solid gray set (NSN 8470-01-546-9356) that are hard as rocks and are terrible to wear, I would also like to have a pad that is about 6 inches in length that goes in the front along your forehead, so that the sweat wont run down your face.  SSG, US Army.

11 Feb 2010: The pads I have in my ACH are hard and cause headaches. I have brought this up with my supply section, and was told to get my own if I dont like the ones they have, because that’s all that is available. Since then I have tried to cut them down, but that just made it fit worse. I am deploying in March and would appreciate it if you sent me a kit.  SGT, US Army.


8 Feb 2010: Thank You so much for sending my fire team helmet pads. I am no longer getting the question about, “can we take off our k-pots my head hurts.” My Fireteam and I would like to thank all the people that made this possible.

1 Feb 2010: Thank you, I appreciate it so much, was recently out on a patrol and had to wear my ACH with the standard issue pads and i constantly would get a pounding sensation at the top of my forward, causing me to want to move the ACH to the right or left.  Doing so kept me from being able to scan my sector, which was definantly not safe considering the use of NVG’s.      

31 Jan 2010: When we deploy, we will be “out and about”, meeting with and interacting with the local civilian population, to gain intell, but mainly to coordinate with NGOs and the U.S. Army what needs to be done within the local communities to help the people, and to improve their standard of living. Examples are; to either fix or build schools for the local children (particularly girls), sanitation etc, and as a “Special Operations” designated C.A. Bn, we also  will train local police and military, and set up local elections, typical Civil Affairs missions, in Afghanistan.   I thank you for all you do. Altho I/we are not currently deployed, we will be deploying soon, and these pads in the ACH suck. A friend told me about your organization, and since we will have to buy our own Body Armor, not having to buy these pads will be a great savings to me/us. I am requesting sets for myself, as well as my Civil Affairs Team (CAT-4). Command still does not look favorably on this, as they think the issued kind are “fine”, but since they probably all have the good pads in their helmets already, sitting in the A/C & heated TOC, back in the FOB/COB they don’t have to wear the things all day, every day, and have the headaches etc. I know the Army is trying-they have made huge improvements in equipment just since the 90′s, but why pay $500.00 for a hammer, when they wont invest in good pads, and Body armor for “us” I will never understand. Thank you all for what you are doing:) SFC, US Army.

31 Jan 2010: Would very much appreciate the free helmet pads for my team. We are conducting frequent and tiring operations every day and I have more than once heard my soldiers complain of chronic pain and irritability due to current helmet pads. Thank you! SGT, US Army.

28 Jan 2010: I’m on my second deployment with the same pads, my pads gone they are just pieces of cloth and velcro with the broken supply system we have I can’t get replacement pads.  SGT, US Army.

13 Jan 2010: Thank you so much for the helmet pads.  They are 200% nicer than the ones originally issued to us.  Everyone in my platoon is very, very thankful.  The pads, are a lot softer and have a more ability to shape to the wearers head.  I wore them on our last mission and for once I didn’t get a headache.  I can not thank you enough for this gift of comfort. 

10 Jan 2010: Thanks once again, This donation was nothing short of amazing. Every soldier in our platoon that conducts missions received a set. Everyone was extremely thankful and some even asked how did I know that they needed them. The comfort level was instantly noticed, for some of our missions call for helmet usage twenty two hours plus. When I informed my fellow soldiers about the no drip factor they were intrigued that it wasn’t already taken into consideration and impressed in the new set. 

9 Jan 2010: I apologize for the late reply. I have been out of office for quite some time distributing supplies to my soldiers across the area and that includes the helmet pads. After some time for use, the soldiersLoved them. We had just enough to give out to everyone. We would all like to thank you all for bits of heaven to put into our helmets.

3 Jan 2010: I currently have some sort of grey pad, not vary specific I know but there is no name on them.  The current pads are very hard and most of them have no backing and do not actually stick to the Velcro in the helmet.  Therefore on mission I am forced to, in the turret of my RG, take off my helmet to fix the pads that have moved around.  I really wish the pads were softer and were a lot more durable.  Thanks, you guys are doing a great thing. (Army Sapper-route clearance, Afghanistan)

2 Jan 2010: We no longer dread about wearing our helmets during long missions. They are now very comfortable and our helmets don’t fall in front of our eyes while shooting. Thank you for the support we really appreciate it.