2010 Cher

Woman of the Year Award: Our celebrity spokesperson, Cher, was honored for her Lifetime Achievements, including working with Operation Helmet. The background info on her award is on http://www.glamour.com/women-of-the-year/2010/cher

We (Justin Meaders and friend Candice Bennatt, LaVera and Doc Bob, Mark and Carla Jean Meaders…at our own expense) were ushered to our third-row seats at Carnegie Hall for the Woman of the Year (WOTY) awards. The climax of that event was the awarding of the Lifetime Achievement Award to Cher, including her work with Operation Helmet. Her participation and ongoing role as Celebrity Spokesperson has helped Operation Helmet provide safer and more wearable head armor for over 53,500 combat troops since 2004. Here’s a link to the release about her award: Cher. The same site details the other honorees. One of the honorees, a family of physicians from Somalia, was of special interest as Doc Bob had spent time there while stationed in Ethiopia’s rugged Eastern Highlands back in the 70’s.

We were able to spend a few minutes with Cher privately after the award ceremony to renew our friendship and common goals of many years.

Prior to the WOTY award ceremonies, we were invited as a private audience to Glen Beck’s radio show (with one-time local radio host Pat Gray) and later that same day at Fox News a private audience for his monologue. Quite a contrast in political outlook, participating in events with both the extreme right and left politically, but with a common goal of a better chance for our troops to come home alive and well by upgrading their head armor…all politics aside.

We’re busy shaking the money trees, trying to cut down or eliminate the waiting list of requests from combat troops exposed to the dangers they face daily at the behest of Americans safe at home. Any donations you can help generate would be greatly appreciated.

As you know, we take no salaries or fees from donations, so all monies go right to the provision of upgraded helmet pads for better protection from blast/impact forces faced in combat. My wife and I pay all office, travel, and fund raising expenses.

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