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8 April 2011: A Marine Reserve unit in Afghanistan tells us their CO has threatened non-judicial punishment to anyone wearing ‘non-issued’ helmet pads. Way to GO! Why let troops in combat help make decisions that could enhance their mission performance as well as help bring them home alive and well. “If we wanted you to think, we’d issue brains” is alive and well.

15 March, 2011:  Do you think your donation counts? Listen to this 1st Sgt, USMC:Comments: I have a set but we are so short handed that he CIF is issuing no helmets or issuing old ones with the old leather and webbing suspension system.


LISTEN UP, ARMY! Boots on the Ground know what works in combat better than Butts in a Chair!

Received 20 March, 2013: The helmet pads arrived and my joes were unbelievably excited! The day they arrived we were doing some brush up on combat life savers so i waited until the end of the class and then surprised them all with the pads. Since they put them in I have heard nothing but “these are like pillows on my head” and “its wonderful that my head doesn’t hurt after mission” every day. Each soldier came to me and wanted to make sure I thanked you for the support and for the pads. Attached are a couple pictures for you. Thanks Doc! and Thanks Operation Helmet!

Received 4 November, 2010: I wanted to let you know we got our kits and LOVE THEM!!!  They arrived the day before we started a 10 day mission so they got quite a workout.  Our non-scientific analysis is that we can wear them about 30% longer before any “helmet fatigue.”  Even then, it is more noticing that you have a helmet on rather than wishing you had it off.  The first day I used them in the field I went all day without “needing” to take off my helmet because I just couldn’t take it anymore.  So it takes longer before you are uncomfortable at all and it never gets to the “oh god get this thing off me” point. A couple of observations: Discovered that they have a liquid interior when we had a hard freeze and my helmet was in the truck overnight.  Quickly solved by putting it over the heating vent for a few minutes but it was a surprise.  On the other hand, once heated up they hold heat nicely!  It was like putting a hot towel on my head.  Nice on a cold day.  I imagine putting them on the AC would let them hold some cold on hot days.I am able to have my helmet tighter on my head with less discomfort than with the old pads.  Tighter is better. I have knocked my head on the side of the truck a few times (occupational hazard) and it seems like less force was transferred to my head. Also good! Thank you again from the entire Kabul Team.  We really appreciate everything you are doing

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