2012 Marines Requests

27 Dec 2012: Kits: 1. Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: MSA. Comments: The pads I have now give me headaches and feels like I’m wearing bricks on my head. They also get very cold and hard during the winter. Cpl, USMC.

23 Dec 2012: Kits: 13. Hometown: Lake Forest Park, WA. Heard About us: Justin. Duties: Engineer/Infantry. Current Pads: 8470-01-546-9415. Comments: I have received helmet upgrade kits from you guys before and my past platoon loved them and had zero complaints! However this is a new squad and a different deployment so I’m trying to prevent injuries before hand by giving them a set of helmet pads that will pass the test of a rigorous deployment. Sgt, USMC.

8 Dec 2012: Kits: 1.  Duties: reconnaissance Scout Fire team leader (infantry).  Comments: I will appreciate recieving new helmet pads because my current ones freeze, hold sweat and are highly uncomfortable. All the personell on my team have the same issues including head aches from the constant hard pressure held upon their heads. LCpl, USMC.

4 Dec 2012:Firstly, I’d like to say these Kevlar Pads i ordered are amazing. And i mean that.I am not some Marine sitting in an office taking advantage of the hard work we do patrolling over here in Afghanistan. The pads i have, i purchased. However, now im interested in getting a kit for my platoon. We are outside everyday and i constantly have guys asking if they can take off their optics due to the rubbing from our (for the lack of a better word) terrible pads. LCPL, USMC

23 Nov 2012: Kits: 55. Hometown: Galveston, Tx. Heard About us: Looking online for better helmet pads before deployment and came across your website. Duties: Infantry/ Mounted and Dismounted Operations. Current Pads: It looks like they say Centex. NSN# 8470-01-506-6851. Comments: Our current ones are very stiff especially in the colder weather out here. It seems that the cold may be making them worse. Most of my Marines are mentioning having headaches and being very tempted to take them off just for a minute to relieve pressure. They are just causing my Marines to lose focus on the mission due to the headaches. I am currently a Platoon Sergeant for a Platoon (REIN) hence the request for 55. Anything will help and they will be disseminated starting from the lowest rank up. Thank you in advance if you can or cannot help. Semper Fidelis! SSgt, USMC.

20 Nov 2012: Firstly, I’d like to say these Kevlar Pads i ordered are amazing. And i mean that. I am not some Marine sitting in an office taking advantage of the hard work we do patrolling over here in Afghanistan. The pads i have, i purchased. However, now im interested in getting a kit for my platoon. We are outside everyday and i constantly have guys asking if they can take off their optics due to the rubbing from our (for the lack of a better word) terrible pads … We are a platoon of 42 Marines responsible for an area a lot bigger than we can do without having long hours out the wire wearing our issued stone pads. LCpl, USMC.

15 Nov 2012: Duties: Designated Marksman (DM). The current issued gray helmet pads create pressure points on the top of the head that are painful and extremely distracting. As my platoon’s DM I need to be able to maintain focus on the surroundings while on patrol or in an overwatch position. I’ve completed one deployment with the issued gray pads and don’t wish to complete my second dealing with the same insufficient equipment. Some buddies of mine have had the pads you generously supply and have had nothing but praise to say for them.

14 Nov 2012: Kits: 18 Hometown: Gaylord, MI. Heard About us: friend. Duties: Advising/Infantry. Current Pads: MSA. Comments: We are planning on / training for night missions, and the current pads don’t support enough for the optics. We have a mix of pads in the team, and some are very bad and beat up. I would really appreciate some kits, because we will be spending a lot of time patrolling with the Afghans. 1st Lt, USMC.

4 Nov 2012: Kits: 1.  Heard About us: From a buddy. Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: MSA. They are gray, and feel like they are filled with plastic like foam material. Comments: With our MICH helmets we wear MSA ear protection which has a thick band across the top creating a raging headache after a few minutes of wear. Wearing the MICH and the MSA’s after countless hours is very uncomfortable. If you could supply me with some new pads I would really appreciate it. I’ve had Oregon Aero pads in the past and in Afghanistan and they were amazing., but after two deployments they are worn down and un-serviceable. If you have any more questions feel free to contact me. Thank you! Sgt, USMC.

28 Oct 2012: Kits: 4. Hometown: Virginia Beach. Heard About us: Friend. Duties: I am a 0331 Machine Gunner in the USMC. We are headed back to Afghanistan for the second time. Our unit just got back from a 7 month deployment and have been in the U.S for only 4 months and are headed back out in 2. Us infantry guys could really use ANY good gear we can get. With us just getting back and all, everyone’s gear is torn and tattered. Good kevlar pads are a must have. Current Pads: MSA. Comments: The current pads do not last long at all. They become extremely dirty and are unable to be cleaned well. LCpl, USMC.

18 Oct 2012: Kits: 75. Hometown: Pottsboro, Texas. Heard About us: Friend. Duties: Convoy Ops. Current Pads: Bricks. Comments: Hard and uncomfortable. Helmets ride high and create discomfort even after extended period of break in time. 1Sgt, USMC.

5 Oct 2012: Kits: 1. Hometown: NY, NY. Heard About us: I met your rep at charity awards event last month in San Diego. Duties: Deploying to Afghanistan (Military Police). Current Pads: SPM 1C1-09-D-F006, NSN 8470-01-546-9415. Comments: i am joining the unit in Afghanistan, so if there are others with the miserable pads I’ll be sure and relay the word on your GREAT service. MUCH APPRECIATED! Semper Fi, Major, USMC.

23 Sep 2012: Kits: 1. Hometown: Ogema. Heard About us: a friend. Duties: 0317. Current Pads: MSA. Comments: They make your helmets uncomfortable to wear. LCpl, USMC.

17 Sept 2012a: Kits: 2. Hometown: Chicago, IL. Heard About us: a friend from a past unit who deployed to Afghanistan. Duties: Scout Sniper Security/Overwatch Operations. Comments: the pads me and my Marines currently have disrupt our concentration. We are a Scout Sniper team and we operate mostly 75% of the time at night meaning we use Night Vision Optics. these weigh heavily on our helmets and the pads we have do not provide enough cushion for them to maintain our survivability. thank you so much for what you do and God bless you all. CPL, USMC

25 Aug 2012: Kits: 1. Heard About us: online. Duties: radio operator. Current Pads: ww2 ones. Comments: the current ones i was issued hurt the top of my head and block my eye sights when running. LCpl, USMC.

20 Aug 2012: Kits: 1.  Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: Seven gray pads, one large circular that goes at the bottom of the helmet, two medium square pads that go at the front and back and four small rectangular pads that go on either side. Comments: Pads have slowly been improving, but they do not compare to the pads you provide, which a fellow officer showed me while we were in the field on an exercise. 2nd Lt, USMC.

28 Jul 2012: Kits: 35. Hometown: Camp Pendleton, CA. Heard About us: An Infantry officer recommended you. Duties: Our team advises the Afghan National Army Brigade that occupies southern Helmand. We tactically advise Infantry, Recon, Artillery, Engineers, Medical, Logistics and Admin by frequently conoying to different locations and conducting operations with the Afghans in our AO. Current Pads: PAD, HELMET, ADVANCED COMBAT SIZE, SPM1C1-09-D-F006 3/4″ NSN 8470-01-546-9415 9U425 LOT TW0430-4. Comments: We mostly experience headaches and hair loss from wearing the issued pads. Many of the Marines can’t wait to take their helmet off and the discomfort is a continual distraction.  Capt, USMC.

24 Jul 2012: Kits: 9. Hometown: Tampa, Fl. Heard About us: From friends. Duties: EOD. Current Pads: Currently we are given the MSA pads. Comments: The MSA pads are stiff and do not allow the helmet to sit properly on the head. We are trying to get the Oregon Aero pads do to the soft get like pads. They fit the MICH helmet better and give better protection for explosive wave transfer. Sgt, USMC.

6 Jun 2012: Kits: 1. Hometown: Fort Worth, TX. Heard About us: online. Duties: Scout Sniper. Current Pads: Team Wendy 3/4 inch pads NSN. Comments: Pads helmet sit so high on my head even with adjusting pad placement, it is impossible to protect me at all, helmet sits above my ears. Cpl, USMC.

28 May 2012: Kits: 12.  Heard About us: friends. Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: MSa. Comments: the ones issues are made of styrofoam and giving alot of the guys headaches and alot of times forcing use to want to take the pads out. LCpl, USMC.

13 May 2012: Kits: 2. Hometown: Houston. Heard About us: EOD. Duties: Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD). Current Pads: Regular Skydex pads.  Comments: My current pads are rock hard and over any extended period of time they cause headaches and pain. My old pads make it nearly impossible to wear any helmet for longer than 10 or 15 minutes. After that I would remove my head protection to work more smoothly. I badly need new pads to help me think straight and allow me to wear my helmet for longer periods of time. I am deploying shortly and I would greatly appreciate any help from this organization. SGT, EOD, USMC

8 May 2012: Kits: 10. Hometown: Westerly RI. Heard About us: google. Duties: Heavy Equipment. Current Pads: Standard USMC issue, grey. Comments: Myself and my marines have been training for the upcoming deployment, during which time being subject to the rain and cold have made the pads inside the helmet either unservicable or just plain hard as a rock. Trying to get new pads for these helmets is more of a headache then the pads themselves. the paper work and time involved to get new ones are just a hassle. If you can help out my platoon i would be forever greatful. Sgt, USMC.

4 May 2012: Kits: 10. Heard About us: from a friend here in country. Duties: Assistant Patrol Leader and Platoon sergeant. Current Pads: SMP 1C1 09 D F006 STANDARD ISSUE PADS FROM CIF NSN 8470-01-846-8415, I THINK IS HARD TO READ, TOP IS ROUND 2 SQUARE AND REST ARE RECTANGULAR. Comments: The standard pads squeeze your head and you get a headache after a couple of hours. I have a platoon of 38 Marines including myself. not sure if I could request for all. thank you. SSgt, USMC.


15 Apr 2012: from Facebook: Wanted to say thanks again for the ongoing support from Operation Helmet. In 2009, I received ~20 pads for my platoon. This year, Operation Helmet supported my entire company of ~150. I spread the word that the Marines should write to Operation Helmet with testimonials, but in case they don’t, I can personally attest that every single Marine fell in love with the OA pads. Not one person wasn’t appreciative of your gesture. Thanks!

25 Apr 2012: Kits: 13. Hometown: readfield maine. Duties: infantry. Current Pads: nsn (gray pads). Comments: headaches, cause alot of my guys to remove all but the bare minimum pads required to hold it on their heads. They have also become hard and cause chafing. LCpl, USMC.

25 Apr 2012: Kits: 1 Hometown: Heard About us: another Marine Duties: EOD Current Pads: msa. Comments: not only are the brick pads uncomfortable they also fall apart or come unstitched when moving their placement in the helmet to accommodate headsets. we are also given one size pad and then are issued a larger helmet if it is too tight instead of having the propper size helmet and pads. i have also tried many configurations and they all put pressure on certain spots that after extended wear becomes painful. the only option for this is to have a loose helmet and let it rattle around and reduce protection from impacts.  Sgt, USMC.

22 Apr 2012: Kits: 1. Hometown: boyertown, PA. Heard About us: another EOD tech. Duties: EOD. Current Pads: stock mich pads, 2 grey and 3 black, sewn seam. Comments: my helmet sits higher even with most of the pads out. plus over long times it is even more cumbersom. due to my job we are outside of the wire for extended timeframes and im trying to get something a little more comfortable.  SSgt, USMC.

22 Apr 2012: Kits: 40. Hometown: Boerne, T.X Heard About us: Marine. Duties: Field Artillery. Current Pads: Helmets do not have pads currently. Comments: Any donations of helmet pads would be greatly appreciated. This will improve operations greatly for the Marines.  SSgt, USMC.

21 Apr 2012: Kits: 2 .Hometown: El Paso, TX. Heard About us: Co Worker Duties: EOD. Current Pads: Advanced combat Size They are grey with a glued seam and soft texture. Comments: I am deploying in october and we started work ups already. The current pads make my helmet feel like it is way too small even though I know its the right size. Not to mention the headaches I get from the rock hard foam that is in them. As an EOD tech I need the least amount of things distracting me while in the job. I have worn one of my team members helmet with your pads in it, and on a 15 hour training op, I never had to think about the helmet or the nvg’s moving around. You guys are doing a great service, thank you. Sgt, USMC.

20 Apr 2012: Kits: 1. Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio. Heard About us: Friend. Duties: Infantry advisor to the Afghan National Army in Helmand. Current Pads: Pad, Helmet Advanced Combat Size spm1c1-09-d-f008 3/4″ NSN 8470-01-546-9415. Comments: Just headaches from extended wear. Capt, USMC.

18 Apr 2012: Kits: 1. Hometown: houston, tx. Heard About us: friend. Duties: EOD. Current Pads: NSN. Comments: too hard, not enough cushion in the right places. Mainly, over the eyebrows.  Sgt, USMC.

15 Apr 2012: Kits: 26. Heard About us: BUDDY OF MINE ORDERED FROM HERE LAST DEPLOYMENT. Duties: INFANTRY PATROLLING. Current Pads: GREY PADS COME STANDARD ISSUE OTHER SIDE IS BLACK IN COLOR. Comments: VERY HARD AND ITCHY CAUSES HEADACHES IF WORN FOR EXTENDED PERIODS OF TIME, i wouldve given the apo/fp but we leave in a week from now hopefully they get here before then. LCpl, USMC.

9 Apr 2012: Kits: 1. Hometown: Fulton. Heard About us: internet. Duties: 92y supply tec. Current Pads: regular. Comments: I have ben trying to find a kevlar upgrade kit on the internet. i have weapons qual pretty soon need improvment kit asap. Please. LCpl, USMC.

9 Apr 2012: Kits: 1. Hometown: Worcester, Mass. Heard About us: Google. Duties: Embedded with the Afghan National Army as an Advisor/Trainer for 12 months in Afghanistan. Current Pads: Oregon Aero pad kit. Comments: The older issue pads were worthless. Just a space filler. I upgraded to the Oregon Aero and they are great pads but the strap system isn’t great and the helmet fits loosely. Capt, USMC.

7 Apr 2012: Kits: 1. Hometown: Ocean, NJ. Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: grey. Comments: cause headaches. LCpl, USMC.

3 April 2012: During my  last deployment to Afghanistan several marines in my unit had the helmet pads sent to them from your org. and even without using them i can tell that they are of much better quality than the issued pads. The issued pads quickly get compressed and turn into a very hard foam block which is very uncomfortable and often times fall apart to the point that they wont even stay inside the helmet. I would appreciate it very much if you could outfit our Assault section with a better helmet pad.

The current helmet pads have many issues that effect mission performance. They cause terrible migraine headaches. The last thing you need to be doing after returning from a patrol that often times is several hours long is dealing with a migraine. Also this is an issue while standing post, being distracted by a migraine while you need to be as alert as possible is another unnecessary problem. When the issued pads get quickly worn out and compressed they no longer hold the helmet in place on your head properly, this poses an obvious issue with things such as running, laying in the prone, employing your weapons system, and using helmet mounted night vision optics. I notified my local church about your need for donations. They will be posing a flyer this week on the bulletin board.

1 Apr 2012: Kits: 1. Heard About us: a friend. Duties: I am a team leader for a team of machine gunners in 3rd battalion 8th marines. Current Pads: usmc brick pads? grey sewn seam extremely hard. Comments: My last deployment to Afghanistan one of my senior marines had ordered pads for are machine gun section mid way threw are deployment. i could not believe how much better these pads were i use to regret putting on my kevlar just because of the headache that i knew would follow it after the patrol. that all changed when i had received the ones you had sent us. they are amazing and it is sad that the government will not issue them out. i would like to be able to give my jr. marines new pads just how my seniors did for us. there is 8 of them in are section. i am not deployed yet but will be b y next month to Afghanistan. i still have my pads and are in amazing condition after being washed 3 times. LCpl, USMC.

28 Mar 2012: Kits: 30. Hometown: Falls Church, VA. Heard About us: Last Deployment. Duties: Infantry – Dismounted Patrols, Helo Raids. Current Pads: Standard hard grey pads that come from supply. I dont have my issued pads to look at for the specifics. The ones you sent 2 years ago are still holding strong. Im just trying to request these for the guys who have joined since our last deployment. Comments: I requested pads for my squad last year and it was amazing what a difference they made! No more head aches or taking off our kevlars to rub our temples. I can’t for the life of me understand why the military wont provide these for us in the first year. I’d like to request enough bad for the new guys in my platoon, as well as replacements for a handful of senior guys who had there Kevlars damaged last deployment. If This is too many than whatever you can provide would be great. Thank you so much for the service you provide! Its great to have one less headache (literal) to deal with on deployments!! LCpl, USMC.

17 Mar 2012: Kits: 1. Duties: radio. Current Pads: MSA. Comments: my current pads are uncomfortable. LCpl, USMC.

15 March 2012:  The pads got in approximately two weeks ago, but the majority of us had to go to the range for annual rifle qualification. I distributed the pads this week just in time for convoy operations training yesterday. We spent a whole day at the training area running multiple drills and every Marine that was with me in Afghanistan last year commented on what a marked improvement these pads were on the ones we were issued. Corporal Hartman even mentioned to me that the old pads used to give him migraines and that these pads provided a nice snug fit without the pain. We had agreed that just about the only down side was that the junior Marines would have no idea just how good they have it with these pads. LCpl USMC.

7 Mar 2012: Kits: 1. Hometown: Mamou, LA. Heard About us: Google. Duties: Adviser to 215th Corps. Current Pads: green, greyish pads that stick to old patches. Comments: My GI pads were great but are very old and I haven’t been able to find replacements. Additionally one has fallen out so the set is not complete. The velcro is no longer sticking as well. 1st Lt, USMC.

29 Feb 2012: Kits: 1. Heard About us: Word of mouth. Duties: Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD). Current Pads: Current pads are grey in color and are very stiff. Comments: They do not compress enough for my helmet to fit properly. They do not conform to my skull and cause pressure points along the sides of my head. Sgt, USMC.

26 Feb 2012: Kits: 1. Hometown: Pipestone, MN. Heard About us: Fellow Marine recommended it. Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: Gentex (gray, top pad is circular, 6 on the sides are rectangular). Comments: Extremely firm initially, compress slowly after extended use to cause improper fit as well as becoming even harder from compression. LCpl, USMC.

24 Feb 2012: Kits: 1. Hometown: fort worth. Heard About us: internet search for new helmet pads. Duties: Infantry Assault/MAP. Current Pads: sentex [gentex?]. Comments: pads crush in causing them fit improperly after extended wear. CPL, USMC.

21 Feb 2012: Kits: 1.  Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: NSN 8470-01-506-6626, Gentex Corp. Comments: Lack of comfort – headaches and lack of solid fit – slides around. Capt, USMC.

18 Feb 2012: Kits: 1.  Duties: Infantry Bn. Current Pads: Standard ACH pad. Comments: The standard pads cause the helmet to sit high. Capt, USMC.

15 Feb 2012: Kits: 2. Hometown: Las Vegas, NV. Heard About us: Google Duties: Motor Transport. Current Pads: Gentex Corporation 3/4″ 8470-01-545-9415 x1 8470-01-546-9356 x4 8470-01-546-9407 x2. Comments: After my first deployment with over 60 Combat Logistics Patrols, I would like to find an alternative suspension/pad system that offers better fit and feel. Despite wearing the pads in, I still found myself removing my kevlar during security halts to catch a “breather”. Any improvement in fit and comfort would be greatly appreciated. LCpl, USMC.

14 Feb 2012: Kits: 1. Hometown: MA. Duties: Logistical Embarkation and Combat Service Support. Current Pads: i do not have any pads or straps on my kevlar. i got an old kevlar from supply and was told to fix it! Comments: don’t have any [pads]!  LCpl, USMC.

3 Feb 2012: Kits: 2. Hometown: Hendersonville, NC. Heard About us: another Marine. Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: NSN Issued 3/4 pad. Comments: They are thick and don’t conform very well. They rip easily. Lt Col, USMC.

24 Jan 2012: Kits: 20. Heard About us: Last Deployment. Duties: The platoon is broken down into MT and HE Operators as well as Docs and Engineers. Current Pads: Current pads are grey and thick. They are extremely hard and come in two sizes of thickness according to CIF. Comments: Current pads make extended operations extremely unconfortable. Pads are too thick and stiff. Thank you in advance. Sgt, USMC.

23 Jan 2012: Duties: convoy. Current Pads: gray. Comments: the ones i have are just getting old and worn out. Sgt, USMC.

21 Jan 2012: Kits: 2. Hometown: POINT PLEASANT, NJ. Heard About us: ACCIDENT, CAME ACROSS YOUR WEBSITE. Duties: COMMO, CONVOY. Current Pads: MSA. Comments: I only have 4 small pads in my helmet at the moment, no top round pad. PO3, USN.

16 Jan 2012: Kits: 1. Hometown: Fort Walton Beach Florida. Heard About us: Google. Duties: Infantry, I am a rifleman 0311. Current Pads: The old skullcap suspension system. I have no pads. Comments: Well considering that they are not pads, I will just state what is wrong with the suspension system. One main problem is that when you are in heat for 24/7 your head sweats which makes the leather on the system wet which them makes the helmet fall down onto your face when running and sweat is dripping in eyes when shooting. Not Good. Then it is an old system with cracks and tears.  PFC, USMC.

14 Jan 2012: Kits: 1. Duties: convoy ops/mechanic/route clearing. Current Pads: grey rock solid pad. Comments: the helmet pads will not allow the helmet to sit on my head properly also it feels very tight around my head causing major discomfort. LCpl, USMC.

11 Jan 2012: Kits: 4. Duties: Comm. Current Pads: None. Comments: Our current helmets have no pads at all, and I would like to spare my Marines the misery of a tour with the old helmet suspensions. Sgt, USMC.

5 Jan 2012: Kits: 70. Hometown: Palm Harbor, FL. Heard About us: Peer Mentorship. Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: NSN. Comments: They cut off circulation and retain heat. 1st Lt, USMC.