2012 Navy Requests

10 Dec 2012: Kits: 1. Heard About us: Senior Chief CORPSMAN. Duties: Direct interaction with civilian population. Foot Patrol, stability operations. Current Pads: Standard Helmet Padding. Comments: I feel my current pads accelerate my balding. But seriously, provides a stress point on the top of my head. LT, USN.

25 Nov 2012: Kits: 21. Hometown: Hershey, Pa. Heard About us: EOD company we are relieving. Duties: My EOD company and I are forward deployed to Afghanistan providing EOD support. Current Pads: MSA Pads, 3/4″ – green. Comments: We have been on 18+ hour calls and after only a few hours, the pressure points of the pads become extremely uncomfortable. LTJG, USN

30 Oct 2012: Kits: 1. Heard About us: USO. Duties: EOD. Current Pads: “MSA advanced combat”. Comments: outstanding program, thank you very much! GM1, USN.

1 Jul 2012: Kits: 8. Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA. Heard About us: A fellow team in theater. Duties: EOD. Current Pads: MSA, NSN, OPS-Core Occ-Dial Liner Kits. 8 guys, 8 different set ups. Comments: The guys are constantly complaining of headaches, and hot spots from wearing our helmets for multiple hours in the vehicles, and on foot patrols. Individual complaints about current pads: too stiff, creates hot spots, headache after less than an hour of wear, and helmet pad sizes having to be “custom-cut” for proper helmet fit reducing padding thickness. We all would greatly appreciate any and all donations that could be sent our way. Thank you very much for you help. EOD3, USN.

11 May 2012: Kits: 1. Heard About us: google. Duties: Convoy. Current Pads: felt like material with rock hard padding. Comments: Pressure on my head causing headaches, very uncomfortable. SMN, USN.

3 May 2012: Kits: 10. Heard About us: Another platoon. Duties: Deploying with SEAL team to provide EOD support. Current Pads: MSA 1″ pads. Comments: We are issued the half shell helmets and they come with 1” padding. My guys are having to cut the padding in order to make it fit to their heads properly. In addition, these pads are creating hotspots making it extremely uncomfortable on long patrols and causing my guys to pay out of pocket for better pads. LT JG, USN.

25 Apr 2012: Kits: 1. Hometown: South Shore, KY. Heard About us: Web. Duties: Security. Current Pads: No pads, old suspension system with leather band. Comments: The current system gives me a splitting headache after a couple of hours of wear. BMCS, USN.

7 Apr 2012: Kits: 18. Heard About us: Fellow EOD Tech. Duties: EOD. Current Pads: MSA. Comments: Current pads are hard and uncomfortable for extended periods of wear. Addtionally, pad sizes provided do not allow for proper helmet fit on several personnel (helmet sits too high on the head). LTJG, USN.

21 Jan 2012: Kits: 2. Hometown: POINT PLEASANT, NJ. Heard About us: ACCIDENT, CAME ACROSS YOUR WEBSITE. Duties: COMMO, CONVOY. Current Pads: MSA. Comments: I only have 4 small pads in my helmet at the moment, no top round pad. PO3, USN.