2012 USAF Requests

4 Nov 2012: Kits: 1. Duties: Mechanic. Current Pads: Old leather pads. Comments: Green helmet with sand paper texture. SrA, USAF..

16 Oct 2012: Kits: 1. Hometown: Taylorsville, NC. Heard About us: looked up on internet. Duties: Par [Post Attack Recon] Team, UCC. Current Pads: standard issue, not comfortable at all. Comments: not comfortable at all, cant wear for long.  TSgt, USAF.

11 Oct 2012: Kits: 1. Duties: PSD. Current Pads: Skydex. Comments: Constant Headache. SSgt, USAF.

5 Oct 2012: Kits: 5. Duties: We are currently conducting all outside the wire security for our battle space because of other organizations needed in other parts of the country. Patrols and responding to any and all incidents. requesting 5 which is one for each pack. Current Pads: sage green, pressed seam, hard with a little give and feels like plastic under felt like material. Comments: pads cause bad head aches and also cause helmet to fall down in front of eyes obstructing view.  A1C, USAF.

30 Jul 2012: Kits: 13. Hometown: Remerton Ga. Heard About us: A Friend in the Army that is a 11B. Duties: Route Clearence. Current Pads: nsn 8670-01-506-6626 Comments: dam pads might as well be a brick. the troops are always asking to relieve the helmets when we mount up int the vehicles. TSgt, USAF.

24 Jun 2012: Kits: 1. Hometown: Tucson Arizona. Heard About us: A SrA from my unit is wearing your product. Duties: Commander, PRT [opsec removed]. Current Pads: Gentex (Grey)…several are torn after 6 months of use. Comments: Front pad crushes/collapses under weight of night vision googles…mount on the front then digs into my forehead.  Lt Col, USAF.

7 Jun 2012: Kits: 1.  Heard About us: goggled padding for kevlar helmet and your site came up. Duties: convoy, electrician/mechanic. Current Pads: NSN 8470-01-092-7527/ ISSUED SUSPENSION/ NO PADDING/ SIZE MEDIUM. Comments: Not comfortable at all, after long hours causes headaches and sore neck, also irritates skin (forehead) from rubbing TSgt, USAF.

7 Jun 2012: Kits: 1. Duties: Combat Controller. Current Pads: factory colr green, with stitching on edges. Comments: thank you so much for what you all do… SrA, USAF.

25 June, 2012: For the ACH varient we have 64 total military only 1 has recieved your product enhancement so far.  So 63 is the need…all of us go outside the wire…126 missions in 98 days…no injuries…knock on wood.  We have had several firefights and 1 helmet hit by 7.62 round.  I appreciate the American gear made by Americans at home!!! Thanks for what you do…as side note…my security platoon is Army National Guard Texas!!!  Normally they are part of 1-143 BN out of Austin…I just noticed your address below.  The Texas flag flies proud over their huts here in Gardez Afghanistan. LtCol, USAF

23 June 2012: Comments: When I am in the prone position my straps come loose and my ACH flops around, its hard to hold a target when it moves so much.

2 Jun 2012: Kits: 1. Heard About us: the Web. Duties: Protocal, PSD. Current Pads: Skydex. Comments: cause headachs when worn for long periods of time. TSgt, USAF.

21 Apr 2012: Kits: 1. Hometown: san antonio, texas. Heard About us: friend. Duties: EOD team leader Afghanistan. Current Pads: green no nsn. Comments: Thank you! SSgt, USAF.

18 Apr 2012: Kits: 1. Hometown: Norman, OK. Heard About us: Coworker. Duties: EOD Current Pads: MSA. Comments: Uncomfortable, near impossible to fit properly while still maintaining adequate padding.  SrA, USAF.

25 Mar 2012: Kits: 1.  Duties: I am part of the Quick reaction team at Bagram Airfield. Current Pads: My pads are dark green with the a sewn seam. They have nothing written on them. Comments: They make my head hurt with having to wear my helmet for 8 hours a day while we are doing patrols. SrA, USAF.

12 Mar 2012: Kits: 1.  Heard About us: Patrol Master. Duties: Quick Response Team/ OTW Team. Current Pads: grey Styrofoam pads. Comments: My current pads are stiff, and also cause headaches after long dismounted patrols. Amn, USAF.

7 Mar 2012: Kits: 1.  Heard About us: Outgoing personnel. Duties: OTW quick reaction force with route clearance duties as well. Current Pads: Solid black and very stiff. Comments: Being a mounted/dismounted OTW force, the current pads are very uncomfortable. Use of PRR dismount headset is nearly impossible. Migraines are a daily occurence with missions last between 12-19 hours. Any help would be greatly appreciated. SSgt, USAF.

7 Mar 2012: Kits: 1. Hometown: Mathis. Heard About us: Supervisor. Duties: Infantry/Security Forces. Current Pads: oregon aero/ black outside and green inside!! Comments: head pains due to stiffness of pads, plus gear we got to wear with hemlet, such as headsets and eye pro. TSgt, USAF.

7 Mar 2012: Kits: 1.  Duties: QRT [quick reaction team]. Current Pads: NSN. Comments: Always gives personnel headaches causing the removal of the helmet. A1C, USAF.

14 Feb 2012: Kits: 1. Hometown: Louisville KY. Heard About us: On-line. Duties: Convoy. Current Pads: MSA. Comments: They’re not very soft and when it’s cold out they’re hard as a rock. They’ll give headache’s or hot spots. MSgt, USAF.

13 Feb 2012: Kits: 1.  Duties: OSI. Current Pads: thick green hard pads. Comments: too hard. A1C, USAF.

9 Feb 2012: Kits: 1. Hometown: Augusta, G.A Heard About us: One of my NCOs. Duties: M240 gunner. Current Pads: The standard issue pads… Comments: We wear these helmets for so long, after a while it becomes very uncomfortable. SrA, USAF.

5 Feb 2012: Kits: 1. Hometown: New York City. Heard About us: one of the Sergeants I’m replacing. Duties: OTW [outside the wire] missions. Current Pads: standard issue pads, not quite familiar with the name… Comments: the pads just don’t allow the helmet to seat itself appropriately and I prefer for my gear to be donned on the right way. Not to mention, after awhile it makes your head hurt, not comfortable at all… SSgt, USAF.

9 Jan 2012: Kits: 1. Hometown: Houston. Heard About us: From another airman. Duties: TACP (close air support). Current Pads: Stock “Epic”. Comments: I have to wear a headset on every mission (4-6 times a week, 6-8 hours each mission), and the helmet I currently have and was given from the air force is the 3/4 mich, which does not allow the headset to be worn underneath. This puts a ton of pressure on my ears and side of head and makes it quite uncomfortable. A friend of mine said you guys were able to help with out with a helmet which allowed the headset to fit underneath, i think he said it was called an “opscore”? Anyway thank you for all that you do, if you have any ideas I am definitely open to them! By the way my helmet I have now is a s/m. Thanks again!  A1C, USAF.