2013 Navy Requests

6 Oct 2013: Kits: 8. Hometown: Seaford, NY. Heard About us: Another PLT CDR. Duties: EOD. Current Pads: MSA, 1″, Gray. Comments: The current pads are stiff as a board. PLT members frequently describe that the pads do not form to the head and cause headaches and uncomfortable fit. LTJG, USN.

27 Aug 2013: Kits: 1. Hometown: Portland Oregon. Heard About us: Fellow SOF and EOD operators. Duties: Explosive Ordnance Disposal – Counter Improvised Explosive Device Defeat procedures during SOF and conventional operations in Afghanistan. Current Pads: Standard ACH issue from MSA. Comments: MSA, black and green. My job is 90% at night, utilizing NODS, coutnerweights and comms sets. Current pads compress too easily and cause hot spots on head and cranial fatigue. Thank you so very much for this service. OE1, USN.

11 Mar 2013: Kits: 8. Hometown: Orlando, FL. Heard About us: Team Leader. Duties: EOD. Current Pads: MSA 09/2010. Comments: We have herd so many great things about you guys… Thank you so much!!!! EOD3, USN.