2013 Updates

Consider this email of 21 Nov:

Several Soldiers are complaining of improper fitting and wear of the helmet. The padding is extremely uncomfortable, and wears out quickly. Thank you very much for your thoughts and consideration. As I am sure you have heard things are very hard to come by these days here. With the talk of draw down, the supplies are dwindling to the point of fights over here. Again, Thanks for your help! SSG, USArmy

WE all want it to be over, and we want our troops to come home ALIVE AND WELL. YOU CAN HELP.

15 June: And just when I get perched on my pissed-off throne because no one’s donating/caring anymore, along comes an 11-year old in Stuyvesant, NY and donates his hard-earned $34.

June 30, 3013

Roll-out of the ECH is now scheduled for deploying troops only sometime in the first quarter of 2014.

June 2, 2012: fielding the Enhanced Combat Helmet : (ECH)

When asked if new, wearable as well as protective helmet pads, the message below came forth:

“The Army has not changed its current pad suspension system. The Army’s ECH will be issued with the standard NIB/Team Wendy pad suspension system. It is important to note that currently, the only authorized pad suspension system is the one manufactured by NIB/Team Wendy and procured/tested under contracts with the Government. The Army is currently evaluating/testing production ready suspension systems that may provide increased protection, stability, and comfort to the Soldier. A decision to move to a new system has not been made and cannot be made until all testing has been completed and all the data has been analyzed. Respectfully, Moraima Johnston (Contractor, STOPSO)
Sent on behalf of Program Executive Office (PEO) Soldier”

Interpretation: more laboratory funding, no input from troops in combat according to those who actually go outside the wire to sling lead and avoid IEDs 24/7/12 (day after day).

Our response: If you’ve got rocks in your socks, buying new shoes won’t solve the problem. If the helmet pads are so distractingly painful troops take helmets off even on combat patrol, FIX THE PROBLEM…replace the current GI helmet pads with more wearable as well as protective helmet pads…like the ones you started out with before going cheap.

COSTA MESA, CA–(Marketwire – Mar 12, 2012) – Ceradyne, Inc. (NASDAQ: CRDN) has received the first of possibly two low rate initial production Enhanced Combat Helmet (ECH) orders. The initial release has a value of approximately $3 million. The full multi-year production order is expected by the end of the second quarter of calendar year 2012. The total for the initial orders plus full production is expected to exceed $170 million.

Let’s take a vote, sent to docbob@operationhelmet.org about how the military will handle the innards (helmet pads) of the new ECH:

A: Send the ECH helmet shell and tell ’em to put in their old pads (‘bricks’)

B: Send the ECH helmet shell and tell ’em to draw ‘bricks’ from CIF

C: Send the ECH helmet with the old ‘bricks’ already installed or in a kit: THE WINNER!

D: Send the ECH with fresh wearable/protective pads installed or in a kit

And now a very perceptive letter from a Marine wife/mother/sister: click here25 June


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