2014 Starfish

Making a difference, one warrior at a time:

The Starfish Story

A man was walking towards the beach and saw a young boy bend over, pick something up and toss it gently into the ocean. Bemused, the man watched the boy do the same thing over and over. He walked over to the boy and asked, “what in the world are you doing?”

“Well, last night was an unusually high tide and all these starfish washed up on the beach. If they don’t get back in the water, they’ll die, so I’m putting them back in the ocean”

“Good Lord, son , there are hundreds or maybe thousands of them. Do you think you can really make a difference?”

The boy leaned over, picked up another starfish and gently tossed it in the ocean. “There, I just made a difference for THAT one”.

The man quietly began working alongside the boy, saving one starfish at a time.

We invite you to help us make a difference, one warrior at a time.