Monthly Archives: October 2014

Navy Corpsman needs “one less pain”

Kits: 1. Hometown: Upland,CA. Heard about us: Online. Duties: Corpsman deployed with marine units. Current Pads: Standard CIF issued pads. Comments: The pads they standard issue us are dreadfully uncomfortable. It would be nice to have pads that actually CUSHIONS the helmet as it rests on your head, just one less pain while being in…

Marine Looking For Better Helmet Pad System

Marine Looking For Better Helmet Pad System Kits: 1. Duties: Currently infantry training. Current Pads: Grey and black, sewn seam, velcro. Comments: they are extremely firm, especially when it gets into the colder months, it feels like there’s rocks in my helmet. Sgt, USMC

Army Aviators request upgrade kits

Kits: 10. Duties: Aviation flying outside FOB’s transporting troops. Current Pads: Gray issued pads. Comments: Pads wont stay in, and are extremly hard, so when having to wear helmet all day starts to give bad headache. SPC, US Army

Army NCOs Request Kits for Their Troops

Kits: 5. Heard about us: friends and our MWR. Duties: CONVOY. Current Pads: COLOR IS GREEN, THEY ARE VELCRO. Comments: My pads we have now are very comfortable, and they are small, they fall apart very easily, I’ve had these awhile I hope u can send some good ones for me and my troops thank…

LT takes care of his troops

LT takes care of his troops Kits: 20. Hometown: Gloucester, Massachusetts. Heard about us: Online. Duties: n/a. Current Pads: Standard Issue Pads. Comments: A few of my soldiers helmet pads are worn and some soldiers could use an upgrade of pads. Also if you have the one pad that goes around the inside front of…

EOD Marines requests upgrade

Kits: 1. Heard about us: Google. Duties: Explosive ordnance disposal. Current Pads: Standard greenish gray pads that are issued. Comments: Complete discomfort especially while wearing peltors and nvgs which is standard for my job. Sgt, USMC