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Helping Marines

USMC Infantry

Kits: 25. Heard about us: received kits from your organization during deployment to AFG in 2014. Duties: medical support. Current Pads: Unknown. Comments: Thank you very much for your support to troops. HM2/E5, USN

Helmet wear creates a lot of pressure … on the forehead

Helmet wear creates a lot of pressure … on the foreheadKits: 30. Hometown: Clare, MI. Heard about us: Google. Duties: Combat Engineer. Current Pads: Unit pad. Comments: We have been to NTC twice this year and have an upcoming deployment and extended wear of the helmet creates a lot of pressure, especially on the forehead.…

Remember, military, you went with the political choice for helmet pads when the best was already issued.

.12/20/016 Duties: battlefield circulation. Current Pads: gray ones. Comments: Wearing the improved ACH with it being lighter weight would seem not to give you a headache. I remember in 05 we all had the pads that are green on one side and black on the other, which were a lot better than the ones they…

Hello, military. LISTEN UP. Your troops speak out

Dec 21 2106:Duties: Infantry Mortars. Current Pads: Gray standard issued pads. Comments: Almost immediately putting my kevlar on I get headaches can’t concentrate effectively. I would like to get a kit and 3 more for the guys under me complaining about the same issues.. Cpl, USMC

Current pads have zero give

Kits: 25. Hometown: Washington DC. Heard about us: A fellow combat instructor. Duties: Training entry level Infantry Marines. Current Pads: Team Wendy. Comments: The current pads are entirely to rigid especially during cold weather. They take a very long time to break in and have zero give. Sgt, USMC

might as well just be rocks square/rectangle inside the helmet

Kits: 5. Hometown: dallas GA. Duties: infantry. Current Pads: ceradyne, grey glued. Comments: pads that we currently got have 0 padding at all. might as well just be rocks square/rectangle inside the helmet. SSG, US Army Kits: 4. Hometown: Jackson NJ. Heard about us: Google. Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: Basic issue, damaged pads. Comments: want…

President Elect Donald Trump Chooses our Senior Advisory Board Chairwoman for his Cabinet

President Elect Trump recruited the President of our Advisory Board, Linda McMahon, for his cabinet. Couldn’t imagine a better choice than this gracious lady. Linda and I have pledged to work together to get the military on board to upgrade the head armor for our combat troops. Until then, we buy and ship the best…