Airman Needs Upgraded Helmet Pads

Kits: 1. Hometown: Buffalo NY. Heard about us: Google search. Duties: Air Base Defense, FOB defense, transport security. Current Pads: 3/4″ pads, green, standard issue, glued. Comments: All of the small pads backings have come off and they don’t stick to the inside of my helmet anymore, i switched to a smaller helmet and the 3/4″ pads are huge and uncomfortable, i get headaches after having helmet on for 10 minutes and would rather risk not wearing it than have to deal with the discomfort. also with NVG’s on it makes it 10 times worse because i can’t lay prone and look through my NVGs and ACOG because helmet falls down over my eyes and makes me have to take it off completely to engage targets. Thank you for providing this service, I was scouring the internet for options and stumbled across your site. Can’t thank you enough, God Bless You.. I’m pretty sure my helmet is an ACH, its not the super high speed helmet, looks like standard to me but its not sitting in front of me so i’m guessing.. SSgt, USAF