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Helmet Upgrade Requests from US Army personnel – Soldiers

March 17, 2011: In a hearing of the House Armed Services Committee’ Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces, the Army’s PEO Soldier blamed helmet discomfort on inadequately fitted helmets not worn appropriately with all pads in place. See emails below for what troops who actually wear helmets in combat have to say about that.

And now, from the pointy end of the spear: emails from the heart: direct quotes with (most) expletives deleted


after a few hours we get headaches

Kits: 4. Duties: maintenance, convoy, transportation. Current Pads: issue pads, gray, glued. Comments: my crew and i wear our ACH for hours at time more than 12 hours; after a few hours we get headaches from wearing our ACH especially after we remove our headgear. SGT, US Army

Current Pads: Standard Issue bricks

Kits: 1. Heard about us: Google. Duties: Combat Medic. Current Pads: Standard Issue bricks. Comments: After long wear during patrols, the headache and pressure points were horrible. Once the standard issue pads get soaked with sweat, they’re done. SGT, US Army Kits: 3. Hometown: Las Vegas. Heard about us: PA [Physician’s Assistant] . Duties: Evac…

The issue pads are too thick and don’t compress well

Kits: 4. Duties: Armored Vehicle Crewman. Current Pads: Issued foliage. 1 Med ACH and 3 Large.. Comments: The issue pads retain heat and sweat to the point of being deformed. They also wear out much quicker than they can be replaced. We have issues with the pads Velcro backing coming off after taking them out…

New helmet pads please – Old ones fall apart

Kits: 2. Heard about us: Thru a deployed Battle Buddy. Duties: Maintenance. Current Pads: Old original issue. Comments: The pads get wet from sweat then fall apart when you wash them. SPC, US Army. Kits: 76. Hometown: Philadelphia, PA. Heard about us: Google. Duties: Battery Commander, Field Artillery. Current Pads: Issue, black, stick in pads..…

US Army Medical Company requests helmet upgrades

Kits: 55. Hometown: San Marcos, Texas. Heard about us: [opsec] Area Support Medical Company currently forward deployed to the Middle East Theatre. One of my Soldiers had found your information, and thought it would be a good idea to tell me about it, so I could contact you. Duties: Provide Medical Care and the point of…

Army Aviators request upgrade kits

Kits: 10. Duties: Aviation flying outside FOB’s transporting troops. Current Pads: Gray issued pads. Comments: Pads wont stay in, and are extremly hard, so when having to wear helmet all day starts to give bad headache. SPC, US Army

Army NCOs Request Kits for Their Troops

Kits: 5. Heard about us: friends and our MWR. Duties: CONVOY. Current Pads: COLOR IS GREEN, THEY ARE VELCRO. Comments: My pads we have now are very comfortable, and they are small, they fall apart very easily, I’ve had these awhile I hope u can send some good ones for me and my troops thank…