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Helmet Upgrade Requests from Navy personnel – Sailors

Cheaper is not always better when troops take their helmets off to relieve pressure points and are suddenly confronted with IED’s, RPG’s, and other forms of deadly ambush. Aside from the personal tragedy of combat injuries and deaths, the financial cost is staggering, passing $2,500,000 for the lifetime care of a brain-damaged warrior. Cheaper? I don’t think so.

Seabees are back in the fray asking for our help in replacing the painful pads they are issued with those that have stood the test of time.

We’d appreciate help in keeping our shipmates performing their dangerous and sometimes deadly missions with more comfort as well as better protection.

Current pads are hard and cause headaches

Kits: 60. Hometown: Imperial Beach, Ca. Heard about us: Friend. Duties: Boat Operations, Security. Current pads: NSN: 8470-01-746-5643, Gray issued pads. Comments: Current pads are hard and cause headaches. They are uncomfortable and do not work well with our communication headsets due to their size and lack of pliability. While underway we have to wear…

I get a headache every time I wear my helmet

I get a headache every time I wear my helmetKits: 45. Hometown: Manassas, VA. Heard about us: Battle Buddy. Duties: Infantry. Current pads: Grey Advanced Helmet COmbat Pad, Glued. Issued from IIF. Comments: Anytime significant time wearing the helmet (every time I wear a helmet), results in headaches. The same complaints from all of my…

Listen up, military, your warriors speak!

1/23/17: Bob,I have now had some time to test the pads you provided. They are far superior to the grey nuggets that we were issued. Even on a cold day, when donned without a warmup, the pads are on par with the issued stones. But then minutes later, as my head warms the foam, the…

Helping Marines

USMC Infantry

Kits: 25. Heard about us: received kits from your organization during deployment to AFG in 2014. Duties: medical support. Current Pads: Unknown. Comments: Thank you very much for your support to troops. HM2/E5, USN

Navy EOD asking for help

Navy EOD asking for helpKits: 8. Heard about us: friend. Duties: EOD. Current Pads: gentex corp. advanced combat pad 3/4 in. M67854-11-0-3024. Comments: The helmets we have are marine corp light weight LGE. EOD3, USN

Uncomfortable, constant irritant.

Uncomfortable, constant irritant.Kits: 8. Hometown: Indianapolis, IN. Heard about us: Team Chief. Duties: EOD. Current Pads: Pad, Helmet, Advanced Combat. Grey. Comments: Uncomfortable, constant irritant. Not ideal for helmet weight. PO3, USN

the pads are hard

the pads are hardKits: 16. Heard about us: Squad Leader. Duties: Infantry/Security Forces. Current Pads: I believe we currently have the SkyDex pads. They have PAD, HELMET, ADVANCED COMBAT SIZE written on the back of them. They are grey cloth and are glued. Comments: The main issue that I have are in line with the…