Why did they change pad providers? Politics?

Good Afternoon Sir, We just received your helmet pads and wanted to provide some feedback.  In order to ensure our gratitude is effectively transcribed, I am typing a play-by-play reenactment:

  1. Received the box and looked at the shipping label, identified the sender, and immediately gathered a few of our deployers for the unboxing.
  2. Sliced open the packing tape, opened the box and for those who saw the Oregon Aero name, well there eyes got a little bigger.
  3. Handed out the first few helmet pad kits and people performed the “squish” test, followed by an audible “heck yes!” and a grin from ear to ear.
  4. One person ripped open the package, installed the pads in their ACH, and used some strong words to explain how amazing the new pads felt. The next person installed Oregon Aero pads and instantly regretted purchasing Team Wendy pads (he intends to return the TW pads).  As for our Commander, who considered purchasing his own helmet to resolve the fit issues, he has changed his tune.  After trying the Oregon Aero helmet pads, he made comments to the effect of “Outstanding!”, “thoroughly impressed”, and “this is how a helmet should fit”I personally cannot believe the difference between the MSA pads and the Oregon Aero pads…night and day difference.  The Oregon Aero pads conform to your head, provide an incredible fit, and still appear to have plenty of cushion remaining to protect your skull in the event of an impact.  It is hard to fathom why there was a switch from Oregon Aero pads to, well, anything else!

As more of our deployers put the Oregon Aero Helmet Pad Kits (graciously provided by Operation Helmet) to the test, I will continue to give more feedback and plan to send updates as our deployment is underway.A MASSIVE THANK YOU to you Sir, Operation Helmet, and all of the volunteers and donors who make your program a reality!  Our brains literally thank you for making our equipment work with us, rather than against us. CAPT USAF.