Current pads are hard and cause headaches

Kits: 60. Hometown: Imperial Beach, Ca. Heard about us: Friend. Duties: Boat Operations, Security. Current pads: NSN: 8470-01-746-5643, Gray issued pads. Comments: Current pads are hard and cause headaches. They are uncomfortable and do not work well with our communication headsets due to their size and lack of pliability. While underway we have to wear our PPE for hours at a time. Better pads will make life easier for us.. HM1, US Navy

Kits: 16. Hometown: South Haven, MI. Heard about us: Battle buddy. Duties: DCRF – defense chemical response force. Current pads: Gentex USGI, gray. Comments: Hello! I am a squad leader in the evacuation platoon of an ASMC (area support, medical company). We are currently being stood up for a 12 month DCRF rotation where some of our duties will be to train for and react to CBRN threats to the continental US and nearby allies. Our mission also expands to general national environmental emergencies. Being in the evacuation platoon, my guys spend most of our day in kit with the ambulances either on mission or waiting to roll out. I have heard complaints from my squad of the GI pads giving them headaches after even 30-60 minutes of wear, which is really rough when we are on long convoy operations. Up until a short while ago I didn’t even know replacing our pads might even be an option! Thank you for all that you do! SGT, US Army

Kits: 26. Hometown: Austin, Texas. Heard about us: EOD. Duties: Infantry. Current pads: Glued seam. Comments: Very Uncomfortable and causing headaches. Was also told by EOD that the gi pads were also made you more prone to TBI. Lcpl, US Marines

Kits: 1. Hometown: Cody, Wyoming. Heard about us: Team Sgt.. Duties: Convoy, Tactical Communications. Current pads: Issued ACH pads, grey with velcro on back, hard and worn. Comments: Current ACH/ECH pads are too hard and worn down. For airborne operations, it’s like hitting your head on leather when connecting with the ground. Thank you for what you do! I have heard about your replacement pads from many veterans and current buddies downrange. SPC, US Army

Kits: 7. Hometown: McDonough GA. Heard about us: Reddit. Duties: Infantry, mortar section. Current pads: GI, grey black IHPS, glued seam, fuzzy texture.. Comments: Issued pads are too firm and require you to choose between tight and uncomfortable or loose and ill-fitting. Replacement pads are expensive among other deployment costs. Specialist, US Army

Kits: 45. Hometown: Chico, CA. Heard about us: Friend. Duties: Infantry. Current pads: Grey, hard. Comments: Discomfort, improper fit, little to no cushion. Sergeant, US Marines

Kits: 25. Hometown: Kirkland Washignton. Heard about us: A friend. Duties: Infantry. Current pads: Glued Seam. Comments: The current pads we have are super uncomfortable, after hours of having them on they cause a lot of headaches for us. Especially with the NVGs the pads create a huge headache for us. Current guys from a different platoon just got them from operation helmet and they can’t stop glorifying how great they are. Really appreciate what you guys do! Lcpl, US Marines

Kits: 8. Hometown: Houston. Heard about us: google. Duties: electronic surveillance, QRF, and PSD. Current pads: pad helmet advanced combat, glued seam, grey color, fabric texture. Comments: My squad could very much use new pads for our helmets. We have been in country 2 months already. Thank you so much for your support. E5, US Army