Current pads are so hard they give us headaches

Current pads are so hard they give us headaches

Kits: 10. Hometown: Tucson. Heard about us: Google. Duties: Infantry. Current pads: army issue gray sewn seam. Comments: Very uncomfortable hard cheaply made. SPC, US Army

Kits: 18. Hometown: Arizona. Heard about us: Google. Duties: Infantry.Current pads: Grey issued pads. Comments: Operation resolute support the current pads we have are hard so they tend to give us headaches while we are outside the wire.. SGT, US Army

Kits: 11. Hometown: Fort Hood, Texas. Heard about us: Battle Buddy.Duties: FIELD ARTILLERY. Current pads: Green standard issue. Comments: Thank you!!! My guys will be excited. SGT, US Army

Kits: 1. Hometown: Jacksonville fl. Heard about us: One of my soldiers highly recommended this. Duties: Forward observer. Current pads: Standard army issue. Comments: The current pads don’t fit my head properly and give me a lot of discomfort during operations and impair me to do my job at times. Spc, USArmy

Kits: 16. Hometown: Lake City FL. Heard about us: Friend. Duties:Forward Surgical Team. Current pads: hard green dense foam pads that came with the ach. Comments: They are very thick to the point you need a much larger size helmet to accommodate the thickness of the pad. Leaving most Soldiers looking like bobble-heads. The pads are very hard and smell after a short while in the field. Sergeant, US Army

Kits: 90. Hometown: Savannah, GA. Heard about us: Battle Buddy. Duties:Convoy. Current pads: Standard issue. Comments: The current pads are real hard and we can’t get them to adjust properly inside our helmet. They fall apart real easy. SFC, US Army

Kits: 1. Hometown: St. Simons Island. Heard about us: Battle buddy.Duties: Chaplain for a field artillery unit. Current pads: standard issue.Comments: Hurt my forehead. MAJOR, US Army

Kits: 10. Hometown:Thomson. Heard about us: Battle buddy. Duties: Field artillery. Current pads:Green cloth worn. Comments: They are worn out dirty causing rashes. Sgt, US Army

Kits: 20. Hometown: Texas. Heard about us: Friend. Duties: Aviation support. Current pads: Army issued. Comments: They’re hard, and cause more difficulties than support. SSG, US Army