Deadly Distraction

1/18/18: Duties: IED Sweeping, Airfield Damage Repair, Security, Patrols. Current pads: Standard issue, Team Wendy Pads. Comments: While training for the Special MAGTF my Marines often have pain from the standard issue pads after wearing their helmets for long amounts of time. When my Marines should be concentrating on detecting IEDs at the front of a patrol, it can be deadly if all they are thinking about is when they can take their helmet off.. Sgt, US Marines

Why the bloody hell can’t the Marine Corps Systems Command fix this problem? Marines will die due to ‘headquarters’ ignorance of battlefield actual problems; its on the head of  Marines in charge of supplying their warriors the equipment they need to stay safe while risking it all for their brothers and sisters on the line…and the folks back home.