Doing the same thing repeatedly, hoping for a different outcome????

9/10/2019:Kits: 30. Hometown: . Heard about us: . Duties: Dismounted Infantry Patrolling. Current pads: 3M Ceradyne SPS IHPS (Hard, Rough, Glued). Comments: Issued pads are hard, with little give, and rough. That combination in 100+ degree heat or under NODs is a constant, annoying distractor when Paratroopers need to focus on the ground and possible threats around them. I’ve lived through four generations of helmets, and these pads are worse than any that have come before them.

The biggest thing with the issue pads is the lack of any padding or cushion, especially in the new helmets.  Conducting long night patrols under NODs now gives my people headaches (even the previous generations of pads weren’t this bad), they clearly feel the edges of each pad (particularly the forehead pad) and any impact is transferred directly to the head due to a lack of any sort of suspension system. It’s a blend of comfort (the less a soldier is thinking about what he has on and how annoying it is, the better able he is to focus on his environment) and safety (these were never designed to be safety hardhats, but the lack of any shock absorption poses an increased risk with blast shockwaves pushing the head into something and flying debris) .. CPT, US Army