Feels so tight … squeezing into my temples

Feels so tight ... squeezing into my temples

Kits: 33. Hometown: California. Heard about us: Battle Buddy. Duties: OPSEC. Current pads: Standard CIF Issue. Comments: Currently deployed to Okinawa and the weather here is very humid. Current GI pads are stiff and worn out. I get headaches after wearing them for a couple of hours and so do the rest of my platoon. Thank you for your support. Corporal, US Marines

Kits: 13. Hometown: Gilbert, AZ. Heard about us: Coworker. Duties: Infantry. Current pads: Gray hard issued pads. Comments: My squad is constantly complaining about how much the issued pads are hurting their head or are too stiff. In the cold they become rock solid and unbearable to wear. Sgt, US Marines

Kits: 1. Hometown: San diego. Heard about us: Friend. Duties: Infantry. Current pads: Pad helmet advance combat. Comments: Too stiff gives me head aches when i wear my kevlar for more than 1 hour. Feels so tight like it is squeezing into my temples. CPL, US Marines

Kits: 4. Hometown: Wisconsin. Heard about us: Family. Duties: Artillery. Current pads: Green. Comments: We have the acu pads currently. They are causing soldiers to get heat rash and abrasions on their head so much that they are having to put Vaseline under their ACH. 1lt, US Army