Get out of your a/c foxhole and listen to your troops!

7/1/2019: The helmet pads were received and we have all now had ample time to wear them out on mission. Some of my team members have commented that the pads are “like wearing a pillow”, “they don’t give you that feeling of constant pressure against your head”, and “there are no hot spots”. In terms of relief experienced from the upgrade, myself and my team members have noticed headache relief, a relief of pressure especially on long extended missions/convoys, and that pain in the neck area has also subsided, possibly due to no longer needing to over compensate for the uncomfortable and painful pads that were once worn. For me personally, the biggest relief is from the pressure. On convoys where we are outside the wire wearing our ACH all day, my head would start to hurt so bad that I would eventually take my helmet off and be unprotected. I no longer do that because I have no need to, my helmet no longer causes me pain. So thank you again for sending us the pads, we are putting them all to good use and truly appreciate it. Take care and thank you again for all that you do for our troops.SPC USArmy