Gov’t issued padding is uncomfortable and very bulky

Issued padding is uncomfortable and very bulky

Kits: 4. Hometown: Carmichael. Heard about us: online research. Duties: security. Current pads: original all grey sewn seam pads. Comments: wearing those pads for an extended amount of time really puts a stress on the head, if I could help my soldiers give them just a little ounce of comfort while running security it would mean the world to us. SSG, US Army

Kits: 30. Hometown: Washington DC. Heard about us: battle buddy. Duties: Infantry. Current pads: Issue IIF pads. Grey. Glued seams. Comments: Our unit just got PVS-31s and the extra weight on the fronts of everyone’s heads is giving guys headaches across the platoon/company. It is especially important for us as weapons platoon to have our NVGs secured on our heads because the machine gunners need to ensure they mainten good situational awareness when supporting the rifle platoons.. 2ndLt, US Marines

Kits: 10. Hometown: Laredo TX. Heard about us: Family. Duties: Infantry. Current pads: Army standard issue. Comments: Pressure points on Our heads makes them uncomfortable to use. SSG, US Army

Kits: 7. Hometown: Ohio. Heard about us: Senior Marine. Duties: Infantry. Current pads: Issued grey. Comments: Uncomfortable to wear for 16 hours or longer complaints of headaches. Sergeant, US Marines

Kits: 1. Hometown: Washington DC. Heard about us: Battle Buddy. Duties: Construction. Current pads: Green color Ballistic Liner Upgrade Kit. Comments: The padding is uncomfortable and very bulky. Feel like it’s putting a lot of pressure around the head area. Sergeant, US Army

Kits: 50. Hometown: Seattle. Heard about us: Website/google search. Duties: Weapons Squad/ AOB-S attached Infantry. Current pads: Standard Issue. Comments: Hello, This email is on behalf of my boyfriend and the whole [opsec] Company who have just started their 9 month deployment in Afghanistan. I haven’t been able to talk to my soldier very much due to the fact that the Area of Operation is quite austere (they currently dont even have running water) but when I was able to speak to him the first thing he asked me to do was to try to find upgraded pads for his helmet. He said the ones they have now (standard issue) kill his head and they’re pretty unbearable to wear. And when they are wearing them they cause them migraines. I know him and his company (and their heads) would be eternally grateful for new/upgraded pads for their helmets. Thank You, Ali SPC, US Army