Hard to focus on the mission when we are battling our gear

Kits: 13. Heard about us: co worker. Duties: infantry. Current pads: grey glued. Comments: too stiff, hold moisture, hard to keep clean. Cpl, US Marines

Kits: 40. Hometown: Brownwood TX. Heard about us: old squad leader got us these pads last deployment.. Duties: infantry. Current pads: “Pad.Helmet Advanced combat size 3/4—– gentex corporation nsn 6470-01-546-9415. Comments: Our current kevlar pads seem stiff and uncomfortable. Many of us find ourselves getting headaches due to the weight of the kevlar constantly on our heads. They also don’t respond very well to temperature change in the cold they seem extra stiff and during the heat they seem to be just cooking us. I’ve used y’all pads before and the difference is drastic so i wanted to get some pads for my plt before our deployment which is in a couple of months. The current pads we have are hindering us from staying focused on the mission due to us just constantly battling our own gear for some sort of relief of comfort. CPL, US Marines

Kits: 25. Hometown: West Palm Beach. Heard about us: I have been sent them before. Duties: Infantry Training. Current pads: Issued. Comments: Good Afternoon, I have read and I am aware that you wish that only people who are deploying to a combat environment in the next 60 days should request the pads. Myself and my cadre are Combat Instructors aboard the [opsec]. I respectfully request if you could make an exception for us to receive your pads. We spend countless hours in our gear and helmets and would be very appreciative if we were able to be apart of Operation Helmet. Thank you for your time. Semper Fidelis. Sergeant, US Marines

Kits: 2. Hometown: Florida. Heard about us: Marines getting relieved from aor. Duties: Infantry operations. Current pads: Grey velcro. Comments: They are hard when they get cold and itchy. E-3, US Marines

Kits: 10. Heard about us: Google. Duties: Security operations. Current pads: Government issued Grey velcro pads. Comments: Hello, My detachment here constantly run operational drills, random training exercises that require our kevlar as part of our kit. The pads that we do have, have gotten very stiff overtime and have gotten uncomfortable. Causing headaches over long periods of time wearing the kevlars. Sergeant, US Marines

Kits: 14. Hometown: Washington. Heard about us: Battle buddy. Duties: Infantry. Current pads: Issued gentex. Comments: Our squad has old pads that are worn down and not keeping the Kevlar fitted anymore. Cpl, US Marines

Kits: 25. Hometown: Yuma. Heard about us: Friend. Duties: Training students to become infantryman. Current pads: Issued grey hard pads. Comments: I’ve received pads from you all before and passed them within my squad in 3/5 and they’re amazing. If you need me to fill anything extra I will but I am currently a combat instructor on [opsec] and we have 26 instructors with me. They really like using my kevlar and asked me to find out to get them some. We do a lot of live fire ranges that require us to use our kits and the issued kevlar pads straight suck and cause headaches. My fellow instructors would love better kevlar pads, please and thank you.. Sergeant, US Marines