Hard to hear your troops from an air-conditioned foxhole, EH?

7/19/2019: Right now the CIF issued pads are very uncomfortable for my platoon, we spend most of our time trying to get comfortable. There is never a day we don’t have headaches/migraines on mission. If we get these Oregon Aero pads they would definitely boost morale, comfort and give my guys the 110% focus that they need on convoys and foot patrols…and when we said we’d send:

This is so AWESOME! I can’t wait to share the good news to my platoon! I would like to say Thank You and your organization for everything you doing for not just my platoon and I, but for every service member out there deployed or not. They may be helmet pads, but small things like this make a difference in soldiers lives!

And yes I have bought it up to my chain of command and all I get back is “we do not have the funds to purchase commercial items.” If it doesn’t have an NSN then it won’t be ordered. So thankful I reached out to my previous 1SG, he definitely guided me the right way. We spend every day patrolling or driving, which requires us to wear our ACH and with the pads we get from CIF, we get headaches from wearing long periods of time. Most of us have to take out some of padding to actually reduce the pain or get get comfortable. Which is the wrong answer when it comes to safety, if something really bad were to happen on convoy operations. Again, I would like you to thank you so much! We will definitely put these Oregon Aero pad to good use! I really hope you have a great rest of your day! I am going to sleep good tonight and share the good news tomorrow to my platoon. SSG, USArmy