More Headaches

29 Aug 2014: Kits: 12. Heard about us: NCO. Duties: reporting. Current Pads: pad, helmet, advanced combat oblong/oval size 3/4 color green. Comments: looking to get some for my whole squad, total 12 soldiers. they are wearing out, no support or cushion. PFC, US Army

28 Aug 2014: Kits: 5. Hometown: Roseburg, Oregon. Heard about us: Internet. Duties: medical support. Current Pads: Olive. Comments: Too firm creating headaches. SPC, US Army

27 Aug 2014: Kits: 24. Hometown: Salem. Heard about us: website for soldiers. Duties: Cavalry- Security, QRF, Convoy, Patrol. Current Pads: grey, foam pads, no writing (worn off). Comments: stiff and old; pressure points on head but loose in some spots. SPC, US Army