Helmet hurts

Kits: 9. Duties: Convoy security, force protection patrols. Current Pads: GI issue pads, nsn, Foliage green, glued seam. Comments: My section is currently using the standard GI issue pads or sometimes the single black pad meant for a coms headset. In garrison we are a field artillery firing section utilizing 105mm light howitzers in either towed or air assault mobile. I have noticed a significant amount of my soldiers have been removing pads for comfort witch degrades defensive posture and also reduces stability while mobile. With this upcoming deployment providing convoy security/ force protection ID like to see my soldiers protected as well as I can.. SGT, US Army

Kits: 6. Hometown: San Antonio, Tx. Heard about us: Friend. Duties: Guardian Angel. Current Pads: Basic Combat Issue, Army green, Glued seam. Comments: During our operations we could wear our Helmets up to 24hrs before being in an area where we can remove them. The current pads we have offer little support and comfort. Thank you for your consideration.. SPC, US Army