Helmets save lives…when worn (properly)

7/25/2020: The mortar section received our Oregon Aero pads early into our deployment, and everyone is very impressed with the quality of the pads. Compared to the standard pads in our IHPS helmets, these feel like pillows. The issued helmet pads are too firm and don’t contour to your head well. As a result, a lot of guys take their helmets off when they shouldn’t. Believe it or not, I’ve had a few jokes aimed my way by soldiers who don’t have upgraded helmet pads because I keep my helmet on during mission. I made a deal with my wife that I would, and a comfortable helmet makes it easy. Helmets are thought of as trivial and inconvenient, but they can prevent many injuries and deaths. We all know it, but it’s easily forgotten when you’re in a 105 degree MRAP. Thanks to operation helmet, my section keeps our helmets on, and we’re comfortable in the process. We are so grateful for the donors who made it possible to receive a box full of outstanding helmet pads, shipped to us on a combat deployment nonetheless. Operation helmet is a hidden treasure of a resource for deployed soldiers. Thank you so much. SFC, USArmy