How in the HELL can anyone read this and do NOTHING?

12/6/2019: Duties: Infantry and Convoy Operations. Current pads: Pad, Helmet Advanced Combat GENTEX CORPORATION. Size 3/4”. M67854-17-D-1221. NSN: 8470-01-546-9356 9U425 LOT TW1558-3. Comments: For our upcoming combat deployment to the Middle East our battalion has been very lucky to have received some of the latest and greatest gear from the Marine Corps. However as most grunts know, high speed new gear usually also means more weight and it has been no exception for us. We’ve received a new heavier night optic system that comes with a thermal attachment and a large battery pack all of which is attached to our Kevlar. Over the course of patrols lasting multiple hours, this extra weight causes headaches and a loss of operational focus as the rigid uncomfortable issued Kevlar pads painfully dig into and rub against heads, focusing weight on certain pressure points instead of evenly distributing it. We are going to an operating environment where success and safety will be dictated by our ability to maintain constant vigilance. As a commander, I want to know that every effort has been made to ensure that my Marines are equipped to rise to that task. I believe that the quality of their gear – especially something as essential as the Kevlar helmet they wear every day, is essential to that effort.. 2ndLt, US Marines