I hope to provide my Marines with the best gear I can

I hope to provide my Marines with the best gear I can

Kits: 30. Hometown: Rural Hall, NC. Heard about us: [battle buddies]. Duties: Infantry. Current pads: Standard issue grey Marine Corps pads. Comments: Many of my Marines experience headaches during continuous operations. As the Platoon Sergeant I understand the importance of wearing full PPE [OH: personal protective equipment] at all times. Unfortunately many of my Marines take any opportunity they can to remove their helmets for comfort. I understand how vulnerable they are at that point and we will soon be in a kinetic environment and no longer that of training. I hope to provide them with the best gear I can in preparation. Our flights are just around the corner. Sergeant, US Marines

Kits: 5. Hometown: wilmington oh. Heard about us: friends. Duties: scout sniper. Current pads: issued. Comments: I am chief scout in a scout sniper plt we are getting ready to deploy. the issued helmet pads are rock hard, and as snipers we are most forward and work a lot in low light conditions I.E we need to wear our helmets to mount NVD. cpl, US Marines

Kits: 15. Hometown: West Jordan. Heard about us: friend. Duties: Infantry. Current pads: basic IFF issued velcro pads. Comments: The current pads that my squad and I were issued, give us headaches due to the fact that after awhile they start to harden when exposed to the cold or water. I have used your pads in the past and it helped me tremendously with comfort. I want to give back to my squad for the hard work that they have put in during our work-up and I feel that this is a good way to show my appreciation. SGT, US Marines

Kits: 21. Heard about us: Another platoon. Duties: Infantry. Current pads: Gray IIF pads. Comments: The current pads are out of date, too bulky and don’t grip well to the Velcro. Sergeant, US Marines

Kits: 25. Heard about us: Battle buddy. Duties: Infantry. Current pads: Gray Velcro. Comments: Hard, uncomfortable and very short lifespan. Sgt, US Marines