Issue pads? Basically they suck

Issue pads? Basically they suck

Kits: 4. Hometown: Portland Oregon/FT Bliss Texas. Heard about us: Reddit. Duties: Damage control surgery and resuscitation at/near point of injury-also sometimes referred to as a “GHOST”. Current pads: Green one issued with helmet, very hard, seams appear glued. Comments: The pads are very hard, if they get cold it is almost impossible to get the helmet to fit correctly. They absorb sweat and stink. They pinch and pull at females’ hair. My people take them off at the first opportunity and try to avoid wearing them if at all possible. Basically they suck. Major, US Army

Kits: 8. Hometown: Bay City, Michigan. Heard about us: Previous unit we are replacing. Duties: AO Security, host nation training, engineering, helicopter support team. Current pads: Team wendy , 2 Marines still have leather suspension system. Comments: Riding in the helo for hours with a com headset on, makes wearing the helmet almost impossible. The current issued pads cause such a strain that most of my guys are removing their helmets out of pain. No matter what we do to the current pads, the helmet is extremely painful to wear after a few hours.. Sergeant, US Marines

Kits: OpSec- 60. Hometown: Pacific Northwest. Heard about us: Internet and word of mouth. Duties: Security, Head Counting, Specializing in long distance relationships. Current pads: “Team Wendy” Greyish Green, Glued Seam, Plastic foam inside, shrink wrapped sandy gravel especially in cold.. Comments: Doctor Meaders said to mention him in the comment section, so I am- Wish I had a boss as Badass as yours… SFC, US Army

Kits: 30. Hometown: Modesto, Ca. Heard about us: Battle buddy in a different company. Duties: Infantry. Current pads: Gentex Corporation, Gray, Glued, Rock hard. Comments: The current GI pads are extremely hard and uncomfortable. They hold in sweat pretty easy and start smelling bad. A couple guys have pads they have been using for over 3 years. I was told about operation-helmet through a buddy in a different company who said he received these and where a complete game changer. I would love to take care of my Marines and acquire them better helmet pads that will improve the comfort of the wearing their helmets for sometimes 18 hours of the day. Thank you for your time and support. Cpl, US Marines

Kits: 5, 1 for each of the 3 PLT FOs, As well as my FSNCO and FSO. Hometown: CT. Heard about us: A military forum suggested I contact you when I asked for options for aftermarket helmet pads. Duties: Infantry Patrols, PLT FO. Current pads: The Basic Gray Issue Pads. Comments: The current pads are extremely stiff, and especially when wearing Peltors most all of us end up removing components of the system due to head pain. This causes either a decrease in protection or soldier effectiveness. I myself went to only wearing the front and back Trapezoidal pads due to the severe headaches the small rectangular side pads gave me, specifically the front pair. Additionally we have been issued the new IHPS helmet or “High-Cut” (not an opscore.) And the “new” pads issued with that may actually be worse than the old style, as the feel even stiffer and cause even an over sized helmet to ride to high on our heads. SPC, US Army

Kits: 2. Hometown: Bartow. Heard about us: Another soldier. Duties: Artillery. Current pads: Standard issue garbage. Comments: I am so excited to not get headaches anymore. I put on my other soldiers who have them and it’s a world of difference. Staff Sergeant, US Army

Kits: 28. Hometown: Raleigh, NC. Heard about us: Battle buddy. Duties: Recon. Current pads: Standard Issue grey ACH pads. Comments: Poor velcro, and stiff. E-4, US Army

Kits: 1 Kit. Hometown: Houston, Texas. Heard about us: online. Duties: operations. Current pads: issued with ECH. Comments: Thank you for all you do. CW2, US Army