Issued helmet pads cause headaches

Issued helmet pads cause headaches

Kits: 27. Hometown: Idaho Falls. Heard about us: Duties: Currently deployed Infantry platoon conducting base defense QRF in addition to air mobility quick reaction force specialized in downed aircraft recovery outside the wire. Current Pads: Pad NSN 8470-01-546-9356. Grey pads glued together, very firm and rigid. “Pad, helmet, advanced combat”. Comments: Issued helmet pads cause headaches when wearing helmets due to rigidity of issued pads. Our unit uses a new kind of night vision that is much heavier than normal and you see indentations on troops heads from the issued pads after removing helmets. Pads do not breathe, trapping heat inside the helmet. CPL, US Army

Kits: 60. Hometown: Kent, ohio. Heard about us: Reddit. Duties: CRAM. Current Pads: Standard issue green felt wrapped styrofoam. Comments: We are a smaller battery of 60 tasked with counter rocket artillery and mortar while also maintaining sense and warn capabilities for income IDF. We currently have soldiers missing or have old or worn out pads. 2LT, US Army

Kits: 1. Hometown: Douglasville, GA. Heard about us: Reddit. Duties: We are on a security forces mission in (OPSEC) We will be conducting patrols in the same region ISIS is said to have established a foothold in Afghanistan. Current Pads: I am on my 3rd or 4th set of the current issued pads. Comments: I am a squad leader in an Infantry Company. I requested 1 kit, but if it were at all possible, I have a squad of 8 other men who would all greatly appreciate sufficient pads. After sweat and dirt, we probably don’t even get 2 weeks of usage out of the issued pads. We basically just have to suck it up and deal with the pain that comes from them getting very hard. Our helmets basically turn into big hard shells on top of our heads with no impact being absorbed or cushioned. SGT, US Army

Kits: 2. Hometown: Hayden, ID. Heard about us: Reddit, r/army. Duties: I’m 11b1p, about to deploy. Current Pads: The shitty greenish grey issued ones. Comments: They become incredibly uncomfortable over a shockingly short time period, mainly through stiffening. In all sincerity, it’s the little things like this that all add up and make life for combat Arms that much more difficult than it needs to be. SPC, US Army

Kits: 1. Hometown: West Orange, NJ. Heard about us: Reddit. Duties: 13B, I’ll be deploying soon and shooting rounds down range. Current Pads: Issued Pads. Comments: My current pads give me a headache when I’m ramming rounds into the gun and just in general, I’d like more comfortable ones that way I don’t get migraines while performing my job.. SPC, US Army