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Oct 25 2016: Kits: 40. Hometown: Hamilton, Ohio. Heard about us: Have purchased your helmet pads previously to use in Iraq & Afghanistan. Duties: INFANTRY, SSP(Scout Sniper Platoon), CONVOY OPERATIONS. Current Pads: Oregon Aero MICH/ACH Helmet Padding. Comments: For over a decade through 3 combat deployments, I have used your helmet pads in replace to the low quality issued items we receive. The Oregon Aero pads have been put to the test through multiple IED’s/Blasts and have performed beyond expectations. I only wish they issued these in the Marines, I believe it would help with the brain injuries and concussions. The ones that are issued today are the lowest of quality and do not protect how he Oregon Aero Padding does. They are cheap and after one day of hard sweating alone, become the equivalent of “rocks” on your skull and are extremely painful to wear.. GYSGT, US