I keep taking my helmet off: danger!

1/1/18:HQ Element for an infantry battalion: QRF, security, presence patrols, tactical convoys. Current pads: Issued gray 3/4″ Ceradyne pads. Comments: My battalion is leaving for Afghanistan next month. Personally, I have never been able to get my ACH to fit well with the issue pads, and I have suffered recurring headaches, hotspots, and discomfort after wearing it for extended periods. Because of this I have a bad unconscious habit of unbuckling or removing my helmet at every opportunity. This is not a problem stateside, but definitely is while in theater. I know many of my peers have similar complaints. I found your service through a google search while looking for better pads, and I am ordering for my HQ section (just those who potentially do more than sit behind a desk). I will be sure to pass on your info to the rest of the unit. Thank you so much for everything you do, this is literally a life-saver.. SGT, US Army