Keeps in a lot of heat, doesn’t protect well against head injury

Keeps in a lot of heat, doesn't protect well against head injury

Kits: 8. Hometown: Hebron. Heard about us: Friend. Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: Advanced Combat. Comments: Current pads are overused, uncomfortable, and stiff. They also are not form fitting and Kevlar will not sit correctly on marines heads when in use. Lcpl, USMC

Kits: 9. Heard about us: from a co-worker. Duties: EOD. Current Pads: thick msa. Comments: Hello, I am the supply rep for my platoon. We are getting ready to go on a deployment here shortly. A lot of the guys could use better helmet padding. Could we please get 9 sets of the [] helmet pads? Thank you very much for any assistance. Sgt, USMC

Kits: 20. Hometown: Mechanicville. Heard about us: friend. Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: ceradyne foam pad, grey, sewn seam. Comments: very uncomfortable, keeps in a lot of heat, doesn’t protect well against head injury. LCpl, USMC

Kits: 40. Hometown: Minsk, Belarus. Heard about us: Friend. Duties: Combat Instructor. Current Pads: standard USMC iif issue/grey/glued. Comments: Combat Instructors at School Of Infantry – East live in their PPE during the training cycle. Oregon Aero helmet pads would improve comfort for Marines who spend most of their time on the firing line and training young Marines in basic rifleman tasks. GySgt, USMC

Kits: 5. Hometown: Everett. Heard about us: Friend. Duties: Infantry, Patrols. Current Pads: Gray “rock pads” very worn.. Comments: The pads I have been issued are too big for my kevlar to fit properly, and if I cut them I won’t be able to return them to supply. I tried my friends on after he got pads from you and it was amazingly comfortable! He recommended the site because were deploying soon. Sgt, USMC