Kit Request Form

What helmet do you have?
Your military rank, not pay grade.
Branch of Service (American Forces only)
2/2 E Company (1st Pl)
Stateside, use the real street address and/or bldg number. UPS can't deliver to address they can't find.
Stateside, use your city. Overseas, use APO or FPO.
State or AE/AP
Zip Code
Commercial, No DSN
How many folks going outside the wire?
Donors sometimes specify for people from a city or state
Google, friend, battle buddy, family, other website, etc.
Post no OPSEC sensitive info - just basic stuff, like: infantry, convoy, maintenance, etc
What pads do you currently have? What is written on them? Color? Sewn seam? Glued? Texture?
Please tell us exactly what operation/personal difficulties the current GI pads are causing you/your unit. We can't bring about change without your help. Let us know what you think of the new pads after you get them.