Kit Request Form

What helmet do you have?
Your military rank, not pay grade.
Branch of Service (American Forces only)
Example: 2/2 E Company (1st Pl)
Stateside, use the real street address and/or bldg number. UPS can't deliver to address they can't find.
Stateside, use your city. Overseas, use APO or FPO.
State. Overseas, use AE or AP
Zip Code
Commercial, No DSN
How many folks going outside the wire?
Donors sometimes specify for people from a city or state
Google, friend, battle buddy, family, other website, etc.
Post no OPSEC sensitive info - just basic stuff, like: infantry, convoy, maintenance, etc
What pads do you currently have? What is written on them? Color? Sewn seam? Glued? Texture?
Please tell us exactly what operation/personal difficulties the current GI pads are causing you/your unit. We can't bring about change without your help. Let us know what you think of the new pads after you get them.