Kit Requests NO LONGER being accepted; sorry.


In the meantime: PEO Soldier tells us they have not had a single complaint about the helmet/pad ‘system’ either from Soldiers in the field or during post-deployment debriefing. Therefore, they will continue to field the ‘bricks’ you are asking us to upgrade with the top-of-the-line pads we provide, courtesy of the American public. Our feeling is that either someone is not passing the Word or else we had a front-loader of BS heaped on us at the meeting.  Will SOMEONE have the guts to go up the chain of command or directly to PEO Soldier and tell them what’s really happening inside their brain bucket? You can email PEO Soldier’s Project Manager for Soldier Equipment.  Unless PEO Soldier hears from the individual trooper or unit in combat, nothing will change and troops will keep taking their helmet off to relieve the headache caused by too-firm pads. That’s unacceptable! We want ALL our troops protected to the best of America’s ability to provide head/brain protection that’s wearable.

Have a video or youtube comment on the pads?  Let us know: ophelm at

Nothing says a trooper has to be comfortable or smell nice, but if pain-causing helmet pads detract from personal safety and/or mission performance, our donors need to know.

Be aware: One of the inevitable characteristics of foam-based pads is that although their water content is very low, the pads may become rigid when exposed to freezing temps. However, body heat from the head should return pads to normal pliability within 3-5 minutes, or faster by exposing to a heat source…fire, heater, etc. (but not close enough to singe the pad’s cloth cover or external camo cover). Let us know if you come up with a simpler solution: some troops report putting their pads in a sack/sock and sleeping with same to keep them warm or just leaving kevlars close enough to a heat source to accomplish the same thing without damaging pads or kevlar.

If others in your unit need the helmet upgrade, send us the number needed (there is a field for this in the form) and one person’s name and address to receive/distribute rather than sending multiple requests, please.

To purchase directly from the manufacturer please go here.

Due to limited funds we can only outfit warriors going ‘outside the wire’ or likely to do so from deployed units.  We do NOT have enough funds to outfit everyone on base. We ask those making requests to be realistic on how many really need the upgrade.

Where possible, we send ‘bulk’ supplies of the kits to senior members (usually NCO’s) of units. The men in charge of assigning duties are the best qualified to distribute the kits to those most likely to encounter the IED’s and other form of blasts/ambushes being hurled the way of our troops day in and day out.

Some enterprising troops have mobilized friends, family, businesses to make ‘dedicated’ contributions to ensure they, their unit or their service branch receive the helmet upgrades.  We appreciate that most families who make a ‘dedicated’ contribution add whatever they can afford to help us provide the kits for troopers other than their own. We honor all ‘dedicated’ donations, using those funds for that purpose only until needs are met.

If you have loved ones who need a helmet upgrade kit for their own use or their entire unit or simply are looking for a way to help, click here to contribute.

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