Veteran’s Hot line: Suicide prevention.

Spinal Cord Injury
The Soldier’s ProjectWe are a group of licensed mental health professionals who offer free psychological treatment to military service members (active duty, National Guard, Reserves and veterans) and their loved ones who have served or who expect to serve in the conflicts in Iraq or Afghanistan. Let’s not forget those who have been wounded and whose lives have been forever altered by protecting us at home. Visit this website and see if you can help: Semper Fi Fund

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Keystone Soldiers

Support Organization


The Graffiti of War Project


Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center

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Center for Minority Veterans

Center for Women Veterans
Compensation Rate Tables, 12-1-03
Department of Veterans Affairs Home Page
Directory of Veterans Service Organizations
Disability Examination Worksheets Index, Comp
Due Process
Electronic Code of Federal Regulations
Environmental Agents
Evaluation Protocol for Gulf War and Iraqi Freedom Veterans with Potential Exposure to Depleted Uranium DU) Handbook and Publication
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Geriatrics and Extended Care
Guideline for Chronic Pain and Fatigue MUS-CPG
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Peacetime Disability Compensation
Vocational Rehabilitation
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Local Germantown, TN Patriots!

Check out Mike Corrado’s

“On My Watch Tonight”


Concussions, TBI and Head Injury Resources



Serving Those Who Serve. Rebuilding Together’s Serving Those Who SERVE was developed to meet the needs of injured soldiers and veterans returning from Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. We focus on providing home modifications and repairs to help ease the transition of the veteran or soldier back into their home.


Manufacturers of Helmet Upgrade systems:

Oregon Aero

Published test results available for ACH, MICH, PASGT, LWH. Test results information on website

Skydex Corporation

Information available on PASGT, ACH. Test results information on website.


Now offers an 8-pad protection comfort system: no test results on website.
MSA: Describe their version of ACH pads as “absorbent”. Scary: Water-logged pads aren’t compressible to respond to sudden impacts.

Team Wendy

provides many of the pads systems for the advanced combat helmet (ACH).


OnSite Support


1MEF (Justin’s Unit)


US Army and


Army Experience…for real!

AFCEA Philly


Cypress Cares: Sends care packages to troops in combat zones, run by an ex-Army Nurse.


One of the better slide shows: Great photos of our men and women going about their jobs.


For an interesting look at the history of helmets, go to Steel Pots: A History of Helmets

Handy Heroes – Trade Or Barter Your Skills and Services is a national network of service providers made up of community heroes – firefighters, police, military personnel, paramedics and EMS. Through, consumers have free, one-step access to a network of “moonlighting” heroes who

WWW.DefendingFreedom.Net is another website to visit. This group donated 1500 wrist bands that we gave out to those who donated to Operation Helmet. We have also placed them in gathering places for veterans and active duty members as gifts from that program and reminders that we all still care for those who have served.

International Society of Dysfunctional Vets