LT Helping His Platoon Plus

Kits: 18. Heard about us: Facebook. Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: Government issue light green and Velcro into the inside of the helmet. Comments: Our pads cause a great deal of discomfort especially with the use of pelt or headsets. All leaders in my platoon wear headsets and the pads are a nuisance. They also have cause a great deal of hair to fall out on some of my soldiers due to their inability to breathe and their rough texture. 1LT, US Army


Kits: 5. Hometown: Orting, WA. Heard about us: google. Duties: Call for fire, Infantry, convoy. Current Pads: Grey standard Army issue velcro. Comments: we greatly appreciate your donations! It means a lot that people still remember us while we are over here.. SPC, US Army