Migraines and pain after wearing their helmets

Kits: 120. Hometown: Watertown. Heard about us: Battle buddy. Duties: Patrols, QRF, Training Local Forces. Current pads: Standard issue foliage green pads. Comments: Headaches, become hard after short period of use. Im trying to outfit my company before we go down range, and if you guys could help us id really appreciate it. CPL, US Army

Kits: 9. Hometown: Bedford, IN. Heard about us: Battle Buddy. Duties: Infantry. Current pads: Army Issued Green Pads. Comments: All of my guys constantly complain of migraines and pain after wearing their helmets for a long period of time. This is because of how hard the pads we currently have now are. CPL, US Army

Kits: 145. Hometown: Bayonne, NJ. Heard about us: A battle buddy. Duties: Clearance Company (Combat Engineers doing route clearance). Current pads: Glued gray pads, same cheap ones issued by CIFs around the states. Comments: I am [opsec] deployed in support of operations around the OIR theater. This is my third deployment doing route clearance operations (two previously in Afghanistan). Yesterday I road along with a platoon. It was a short day’s patrol of about 6 hours, but I specifically recall at one point thinking how poorly designed the helmet pads are and how particularly uncomfortable the helmet got in such a short time that day. I returned to my computer this morning to see an email from [opsec] back home who thought of my team when she learned of this program. If [am] tempted to take off his helmet when nobody is looking because the pads are so obnoxiously designed, I can only guess how many Soldiers are doing it. We have a long tour still ahead of us clearing routes, these would be a great little win to encourage our troops to keep the dome pieces in place for those times when they are life saving. Thanks for what your organization does! Captain, US Army

Kits: 205. Hometown: Brooklyn, New York. Heard about us: Soldiers in my unit. Duties: Ground Support Convoy. Current pads: ACH, Pad, Helmet, Advance Combat, Grey. Comments: The current pads do not provide a level of comfort needed for the extended wearing for various military operations. My unit members and I thank you in advance for you consideration, time, patience, understanding and support. These ACH pads will improve our Soldiers moral a great deal. CPT, US Army

Kits: 35. Hometown: Simi Valley, CA. Heard about us: Google. Duties: Presence patrols, guardian angel, PSD. Current pads: Army issued grey pads. Comments: I am an infantry squad leader with [opsec]. We are currently operating as a platoon out of [Afghanistan] running guardian angel and PSD missions daily. Our mission requires us to continuously wear our helmets and gear while pulling security for our advisors. It would be greatly beneficial for our platoon to receive better helmet pads to operate daily without being complacent. The current pads we are issued are very stiff and cause headaches and discomfort. Thank you in advance. SSG, US Army

Kits: 8. Hometown: Talihina, OK. Heard about us: Did a google search of best ach pad upgrades, this was a result.. Duties: Current pads: Standard U.S. Army issue, not sure of writing: pad, helmet advanced combat NSN-8470-01-546-9407, glued seam, cloth texture. Comments: Personal difficulties for myself and a few of my close friends ( brothers, soldiers) would be the head injuries we sustained while in combat due to the inefficient system that is currently issued. Those injuries (TBI, mTBI, lacerations) could have been prevented with just a small change to the current issue equipment that could have prevented the blast effects and impact effects of IED’s and small arms fire. Prolonged wearing of current issue equipment causes sever migraine type headaches, which contributes to fatigue, irritability, loss of focus on mission, etc. Prolonged wearing of current issue after sustaining head injuries intensifies the pain and discomfort that myself and fellow combat proven soldiers suffer from on a daily bases from injuries related to combat. SSG, US Army