Mission-critical need for wearable helmets: Dammit, Army, DO SOMETHING

4/30/17: We are currently using the team wendy/Ceradyne pads right now. Despite the Army’s push for better helmets (ECH) we all have the Team Wendy/Ceradyne pads that cause massive headaches and discomfort. Our current situation has us wearing NODs for long periods of time and the discomfort they cause takes away from the situational awareness we’re required to have for our mission set. 3 years ago I deployed to Afghanistan and someone had ordered your pads for us and I can’t tell you how much more combat effective it made us/brought up our morale. Unfortunately, after 4 years, the pads have been destroyed.

We’re currently operating at high altitudes and the last thing we have to think about is how bad our head hurts while our lungs and legs are screaming at us on a patrol. It would be awesome if your organization could help us out, and I know it’d bring joy to all the soldier’s within my platoon. Thank you in advance, a Paratrooper who will always use the pads you provide us soldiers until I’m forced not to do so.. SGT, US Army