New ECH but no helmet pads

New ECH but no helmet pads

Kits: 34. Hometown: Merrimack, NH. Heard about us: Friend from previous deployment. Duties: Explosive Ordnance Disposal. Current Pads: Currently don’t have any for new ECH. My unit was issued the helmets but they did not have any pads to give out. Comments: A fellow EOD tech from my previous unit requested upgrade kits for our deployment and the improvement was nothing short of amazing. In our field we are constantly on call 24 hours a day whether it’s responding to an IED/UXO or conducting route clearance operations. I loved the gel pads for the long route clearance missions or dismounted operations where you could be wearing your helmet for an hour or up to three days. The pads were very comfortable, durable, and reduced headaches and fatigue. I know myself along with the rest of my unit would love an upgrade kit for our upcoming deployment in September especially since we currently have the new ECH but no helmet pads. Any help would be greatly appreciated. SSG, US Army

Kits: 1. Duties: Planning and conducting missions [opsec edited]. Current Pads: Standard Issue, Grey. Comments: Normally, we use High-Cut Ops Core helmets. There is currently a shortage, so many of the new guys are having to use the ACH. The sand in our current AO is causing their foreheads to be rubbed raw by the pads. We are looking for solutions to this problem. I heard about this from a regular army guy in Africa who said these pads helped greatly with the sand. We’re testing out a couple of other options, but I hear these work really well. Thanks. CPL, US Army

Kits: 1. Hometown: New Lenox, IL. Heard about us: Google. Duties: Running ammo. Current Pads: General Issue. Comments: The GI pads are too stiff. Long time west results in headaches and makes it difficult to focus on the mission at hand.. SPC, US Army

Kits: 23. Duties: SECFOR, QRF. Current Pads: PAD, HELMET ADVANCED COMBAT. GLUED , HARD AND STIFF. Comments: Our current pad are causing soldiers to constantly shift the helmet to find relief from the pressure as well as removing pads and/or extending their chin strap to the maximum length in order to make the helmet fit. They are also causing soldiers to have headaches. SPC, US Army

Kits: 4. Hometown: . Heard about us: Senior NCO at joint training.. Duties: Combat Medicine. Current Pads: ACH issue pads. Unit Pad -(Crown, Trapezoid, Oblong), Foliage/Sage Green. Glued Seam.. Comments: Treated several minor head/face injuries on drop zones and during other training. Individuals are loosening their helmet straps up because of the uncomfortable pads issued with the ACH. This can cause the helmet to fall over eyes or back up the crown of the head, reducing the impact protection when the paratroopers make contact with the ground or other hard objects. SGT, US Army

Kits: 5. Hometown: Madera, CA. Heard about us: Friend in the Army. Duties: Infantry 11B. Current Pads: Basic pads from CIF issued. Comments: Lack the material of the pads and comfortness once wore. SSG, US Army