New helmet pads please – Old ones fall apart

Kits: 2. Heard about us: Thru a deployed Battle Buddy. Duties: Maintenance. Current Pads: Old original issue. Comments: The pads get wet from sweat then fall apart when you wash them. SPC, US Army.

Kits: 76. Hometown: Philadelphia, PA. Heard about us: Google. Duties: Battery Commander, Field Artillery. Current Pads: Issue, black, stick in pads.. Comments: Thank you guys for what you offer.. CPT, US Army

Kits: 25. Heard about us: Previous deployment. Duties: Combat medical support. Current Pads: Pads issued. Comments: We just got into theatre and I have used an upgrade kit previously and would be great if our entire surgical team could benefit from them.. Sgt, US Army

Kits: 6. Hometown: Houston. Heard about us: deployed battle buddy. Duties: secfor……. Current Pads: standard issue. Comments: Hooah. spc, US Army