On a range from ‘who gives a Crap’ to ‘Holy Cow, We can fix this!’ Where does the Army stand?

1/22/2020: Duties: Infantry qrf. Current pads: 3m ceradyne. Comments: The current issued pads with the new ihps are way too firm and very uncomfortable, especially the front pad. I talked to my platoon and would like 25 total for our guys. We have all the same conclusion on the issued pads. The currently issued 3M ceradyne pads become extremely uncomfortable. It affects our platoons ability to focus and keep our minds on the mission at hand. We spend a lot of time in humvees and dismounted as well so having a comfortable kit is Paramount. The issued pads do not soften up and dig into our heads, especially the forehead when worn for long periods of time. Thank you again for what you all do. I look forward to seeing a change in issued helmet pads one of these days. SPC. U Army