Our current pads are extremely firm causing pressure points and headaches

Our current pads are extremely firm causing pressure points and headaches

Kits: 44. Hometown: Boston Massachusetts. Heard about us: Fellow Gunnery Sergeant. Duties: Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel / Firing 81MM Mortars. Current pads: Standard USGI ACH MI Helmet Pads, color is Grey.. Comments: We will be deploying in the next month with the [opsec]. There will be multiple AOR that my PLT will be operating in. Our current pads are extremely firm causing pressure points and headaches after use for long periods of time. Some Marines end up taking out pads just to make it feel better, this reduces the safety and protection of the helmet and putting Marines at risk for severe injury. Hopefully you can help us out, myself and my Marines would greatly appreciate it. Gunnery Sergeant, US Marines

Kits: 5. Hometown: Georgia. Heard about us: Google. Duties: load and unload medical supplies. Current pads: MSA. Comments: The pads are stiff, not really contouring to the head or comfortable to wear for hours at at time. They hold sweat and when cleaned they tend to tear or become flattened. SSG, US Army

Kits: 38. Hometown: Kailua, HI. Heard about us: Friend and fellow 2ndLt in the battalion [opsec] received kits for his platoon. Duties: Infantry and Convoy Operations. Current pads: Pad, Helmet Advanced Combat GENTEX CORPORATION. Size 3/4”. M67854-17-D-1221. NSN: 8470-01-546-9356 9U425 LOT TW1558-3. Comments: For our upcoming combat deployment to the Middle East our battalion has been very lucky to have received some of the latest and greatest gear from the Marine Corps. However as most grunts know, high speed new gear usually also means more weight and it has been no exception for us. We’ve received a new heavier night optic system that comes with a thermal attachment and a large battery pack all of which is attached to our Kevlar. Over the course of patrols lasting multiple hours, this extra weight causes headaches and a loss of operational focus as the rigid uncomfortable issued Kevlar pads painfully dig into and rub against heads, focusing weight on certain pressure points instead of evenly distributing it. We are going to an operating environment where success and safety will be dictated by our ability to maintain constant vigilance. As a commander, I want to know that every effort has been made to ensure that my Marines are equipped to rise to that task. I believe that the quality of their gear – especially something as essential as the Kevlar helmet they wear every day, is essential to that effort. 2ndLt, US Marines

Kits: 36. Duties: Infantry platoon. Current pads: Grey stiff pads. Comments: Current pads are already stiff and with cold weather then become almost rock solid. Pads are uncomfortable to wear and occasionally cause migraines. CPL, US Marines

Kits: 1. Hometown: Roanoke, VA. Heard about us: Reddit. Duties: Convoy. Current pads: Pad Helmet, Advanced Combat NSN: 8478-81-546-9356, 9U425. Comments: Cause migraines after wearing for more than 30 minutes. Hoping new pads will help alleviate some of this discomfort. SGT, US Army

Kits: 40. Hometown: Groton CT. Heard about us: Through a friend. Duties: Infantry. Current pads: Issued. Comments: I would like to request these for a platoon of soon to be Infantry officers but I understand if there is a need elsewhere. I have personally seen the benefits of having better pads. I feel that showing a platoon full of IBOLC students the difference pads can make will lead to spreading the word on the benefit pads can have. Hopefully they will go on to spearhead a change in current issued equipment. 2LT, US Army

Kits: 18. Hometown: carthage NC. Heard about us: one of my team members has had a package on a previous deployment. Duties: advising. Current pads: original pads, light green, glue, hard,. Comments: my team spends at least 8 hours with our helmets on each mission, we all have head aches and red spots from where the pads sit, we all have did comfort at the front and back of our helmets. thank you for you’re time. SPC, US Army